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Skagit GT3 Track Grapple Yarder
$345,000 USD
2013 GT3 Track Grapple Yarder, near perfect condition, fresh engine, water brakes, line board, electric Madill controls, live boom, comes with lines grapple and MSP carriage, UC is 100%,...
Located in Oregon, US
Caterpillar 320 Yarder
$125,000 USD
2000 Cat 320 Excavator with Escoliner/Timbermaster set up. (2) allied drums, free spool. This is a nice setup! Was built 2 years ago.
Located in Oregon, US
Hitachi 300 Yarder
$165,000 USD
w/tong tosser & 2 Pullmaster HL 25-4 drums w/Eaglet. Nice yoder.
Located in Washington, US
Hitachi 300 Yarder
$165,000 USD
1999 Hitachi 300, With 2 Pullmaster-4 also Tong Tosser, Jewell Boom and Grapple, Eagle Radios, Rear Cab Entry, UC 50%+.
Located in Oregon, US
Thunderbird TSY6255SLR Yarder
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Located in Oregon, US
Kobelco 300 Yarder
$112,500 USD
w/ 2 pullmasters, guyline winch, ele. chockers, recent pump 17,000 hrs
Located in Washington, US
Link-Belt 4300 C II Yarder
$119,000 USD
w/ 2, HL25-4 pullmasters 2 speed piston motors, Eaglet & radios
Located in Washington, US
Thunderbird 840 Yoder Yarder
$139,000 USD
Pumps rebuilt 18 months ago, new rotec 3,000 hours ago, new bottom rollers, rails, and sprockets. Resealed main boom lift cylinders, new paint. (2) Pullmaster HL25-2 drums.
Located in Oregon, US
Koehring 6638 Yarder
$66,000 USD
1988 Koehring 6638 Yarder, 2 pull master winches, 2 speed
Located in Oregon, US
Prentice 610 Yarder
$72,000 USD
1982 610 Prentice Yoder on 4 axle Pierce carrier, 2 speed pull master drums, 86,000 lbs, job ready.
Located in Oregon, US
Skagit BU98 Yarder
$310,000 USD
1979 Skagit BU98 self propelled slackline Yarder, new CAT power, 600 HP, 110' heavy duty tube, 8 guylines, completely rebuilt, very straight includes lines.
Located in Oregon, US
Skagit 737 Yarder
$175,000 USD
1979 Skagit 737 Self Propelled Slackline Yarder T100HD, 8 Guylines, KT 1150 Fresh rebuild, Allison trans fresh, skidding drum, sliding cab.
Located in Oregon, US
Berger M1 Yarder
$79,500 USD
1977 BERGER M1, 65’ Slackline Tube, 6 Guylines plus static, (block purchase) CAT D334TA, 300 HP, 2 SP Berger, Long Shafts, 4 Jack Trailer, 1700' X 1 1/8" skyline, 3,000' X 3/4"skidding line....
Located in Oregon, US
Skagit MY50 Yarder
$165,500 USD
1973 MY50 Slackline Yarder, Custom Mounted on Skagit BU80 3 Jack Trailer, 903 Cummins (very economical-super tuned, new injectors and head), Twin Disc Torque, (very fast when yarding with...
Located in Oregon, US
Thunderbird TY 90 Yarder
$450,000 USD
T100HD trl 8 guyline 1 3/8" Cummins KTA 1150, new paint, excellent condition.
Located in Washington, US
Thunderbird TY-90 Yarder
$399,500 USD
T100HD self prop. 7 guyline 1 3/8", Cummins KTA1150, good condition.
Located in Washington, US
Pacific 1188 Yarder
$275,000 USD
Cat power, hyd u/c, live boom, runs all logging systems.
Located in Washington, US
Washington 188 Yarder
$200,000 USD
Detroit 8V92T power, 4-axle carrier, standing skyline, Eaglet carrier, motorized carriage, good, clean unit, work ready
Located in California, US
Madill 071 Yarder
$185,000 USD
Madill 071 Yarder, 4 Guylines, HD Tube Swivel Top Fairleed, New Engine, Water Brakes, New Bearings in Drums, Flanged Drums, $40,000.00 In New Lines, Radios, All Rigging Included. Nearly New...
Located in Oregon, US
Skagit 737 Yarder
$169,500 USD
T100 trl, 7 guyline 1 1/4", Cummins 855, Allison, water on all drums.
Located in Washington, US
Link-Belt LS98TL Yarder
$169,000 USD
Link-Belt LS98TL Yarder, '04 Logmaster Conversion, S/N 1LP1514TL 6V92 @ 380HP, 740 Allison, Oversize Shafts & Frictions, Gantry, (3) 1 1/8" Guylines, 1800' 7/8" Skyline, 2300' 5/8" Mainline,...
Located in Idaho, US
Listed by JECO Supply
Washington 137 Yarder
$160,000 USD
Slackliner, T90 self prop, Cat 3408, 8 guyline 1"3/8 yarder
Located in Washington, US
Washington 188 Yarder
$150,000 USD
Cat power, rblt transmission, good lines, tank mount good u/c.
Located in Washington, US
Madill 009 Yarder
$75,000 USD
Madill 009 on T90 Skagit Trailer, Rebuilt CAT 1693, New Twin Disc torque- very fast, 3 jacks, 7th Guyline Hook on Tower, Fairleed for Skid Boss, New Radios, Eagle I, Extensions, blocks and...
Located in Oregon, US
Thunderbird TMY 45 Yarder
$69,500 USD
Cummins power on tracks
Located in Washington, US