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Stump Grinders For Sale

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Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder
At Auction
2004 Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder, s/n 1VRN071FX41008754, gas with 2004 Vermeer S/A support trailer, VIN 1VRN091J241003208, (No Title) (starts, runs, and operates) (Reads 503 hours) NOTE:...
Usage 503 Hours
Stock Number 34551
MLS Number 9334361
Location Wright City, Missouri, US
Listed by JJ Kane Auctioneers
Carlton SP7015 Stump Grinder
At Auction
Carlton SP7015 Stump Grinder, s/n 1J9K1212XC1167535, Deutz diesel, (Year approx. 2004) (Reads 264 hours)
Usage 264 Hours
MLS Number 9320610
Location Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, US
Listed by JJ Kane Auctioneers
Vermeer 1560 Stump Grinder
Call For Price
1900 Vermeer 1560 Stump Grinder for sale, STOCK #8271,, *PARTING OUT*,, Vermeer 1560 Stump Grinder, Delivery Available
Stock Number 8271
MLS Number 8738144
Location Jackson, Minnesota, US
Listed by Erickson Trucks-N-Parts
Rayco RG1625A-SJR Stump Grinder
At Auction
2006 Rayco RG1625A-SJR Stump Grinder, gas Hydrostatic, with 2001 Support Trailer, VIN# 1R90509171W2101164
MLS Number 9334533
Location Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, US
Listed by JJ Kane Auctioneers
Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder
At Auction
2000 Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder, s/n 1VRN071F1Y1005182, gas (Exempt from Odometer Disclosure - Reads 2,037 miles)
Usage 2,037 Miles
MLS Number 9328953
Location Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, US
Listed by JJ Kane Auctioneers
Vermeer SC60TX Stump Grinder
At Auction
2011 Vermeer SC60TX Tracked Stump Grinder, s/n 1VRY12054C1002145, Cat C2.2L diesel, Hydrostatic
MLS Number 9316038
Location Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, US
Listed by JJ Kane Auctioneers
Vermeer SC802 Stump Grinder
At Auction
2006 Vermeer SC802 Stump Grinder, s/n 1VR2151J661000243, Deutz diesel, Hydrostatic, trailer mtd
MLS Number 9284806
Location Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, US
Listed by JJ Kane Auctioneers
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Commercial Stump Grinder for Easy Tree Stump Removal

A commercial stump grinder, also known as a stump cutter, uses a frontal rotary blade to pass back and forth over the top of a stump until it’s been fully reduced to dust. Commercial stump grinders are also designed to keep grinding at least 4 inches below the stump to kill the root system as well, keeping other trees from growing in its place. The blade is easily raised and lowered using a hydraulic lever.

As a leading marketplace of logging equipment, My Little Salesman recognizes the many different reasons for needing a tree stump gone. Whether you are trying to prevent tripping injuries, control tree growth, stop insects and mold, free up garden space, or just trying to make your area look nice, on, you'll find the right industrial stump grinder listings to properly manage properties large and small.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Stump Grinder

As with most heavy equipment, there is little reason to get a large, overpowered stump cutter for smaller jobs, so try to size the equipment with the task at hand. Large stumps are obviously going to require commercial stump grinders, but size is not the only factor; older stumps are soft and can be grinded down far more easily than newer stumps, so the stump’s age is important, too.

There are three main types of stump grinders:

  • Handlebar Stump Grinder – This design is the smallest and uses the handle to manually move the grinding wheel back and forth over the stump. They are lightweight, affordable and easily transported, so companies will turn to handlebar stump grinders for small jobs.
  • PTO Stump Grinder – Also known as a tractor mounted stump grinder, these models use the power take-off system of a tractor to grind down a stump. They are still considered fairly small and meant for medium duty jobs.
  • Self Propelled Stump Grinder – These stump grinders drive themselves and can be tracked or wheeled. They are small enough to fit into most areas yet powerful enough to handle tree stumps up to 34 inches wide on average.
    • Tracked – Tracks always provide the best traction and can get across rough terrain such as mud or snow.
    • Rubber Tires – Cannot drive over any terrain, but leaves a smaller footprint than tracked stump grinders, making them better for delicate areas where the grass or soil can’t be disturbed.
  • Tow Behind Stump Grinder – The biggest and most powerful stump grinders of all will require a pickup truck, tractor or skid steer to tow them to a stump for grinding. They can easily handle tree stumps over 34 inches wide.

What to Check When Buying a Used Industrial Stump Grinder

  • Check the guards and moving parts for breaks, missing pieces or other forms of damage.
  • Make sure the teeth are not dull, broken or missing.
  • Make sure the moving parts are not clogged with debris.
  • Make sure the debris curtain is not worn and will deflect stump debris.
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