Ammann Releases AFW 150-2 Mini Paver

The machine is designed to specialize in worksites like bike lanes, sidewalks and garden walkways.

Ammann AFW 150-2 Mini Paver
The new AFW 150-2 Mini Paver by Ammann can pave at widths as narrow as 250 mm and up to 1650 mm. This three-wheeled machine’s fixed hopper can be side-loaded with a skid steer. It also features an optional hopper insert to make loading easier.

Hydraulic adjustment of the screed can occur while the machine is operating.

Moreover, the auger diameter has been increased from 100 mm to 120 mm, ensuring consistent material distribution along the length of the screed. Also enhancing material flow is a new mechanical sensor that enables even asphalt distribution along the screed.

The conveyor concept includes a completely redesigned material flow divider located and controlled through easily operable hand levers. The divider allows the operator to select whether asphalt is distributed on both sides of the paver, on one side, or stopped entirely.

The operator platform utilizes a steering wheel for optimal control. Air inlets located on the side of the cooler help prevent asphalt and aggregate from reaching the engine compartment. The service hood also opens wide for easy access.

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