Aspen’s New 55 Ton Lowboy Offers Ultimate in Customizable Flexibility

Featuring a 26 foot deck and 116 inch gooseneck swing

Aspen M5500-8 Commercial Lowboy Trailer
The same team that brought you Aspen’s heavy haul and super haul trailers has now introduced the new Aspen M5500-8 Commercial trailer. The 55 ton hydraulic removable gooseneck lowboy can be fully customized so that operators don’t have to sacrifice the desire for a lighter-weight trailer or money on extra weight for parts they don’t need. When it comes to providing features offering optimum flexibility, the M5500-8 outshines its competitors by a long shot.


The Aspen M5500-8 comes standard with 26 feet of flush deck, swing-out outriggers, protected air lines, wide gooseneck support arm and rear frame ready for a flip 4th axle or 14’-1” spread single axle booster.  Aspen customers can choose from options like a 9hp Honda engine, bolted load bearing wheel covers, locking chain basket, air lift 3rd axle, flip 4th axle module and 14’-1” single axle booster.

“The new Aspen M5500-8 Commercial trailer offers a 116 inch gooseneck swing, meaning you can get under the trailer with your 4 axle tractor without being punished by the extra weight and hassle of flipping an extension. In keeping with Aspen’s commitment to Haul More, we are offering the market a 55 Ton trailer that can consistently haul its stated payload, as many times a day and as many days a year as you need it to.”
- John Zork, Aspen’s Vice President

The Simplest of Solutions

If you prefer a simple set up that makes you money, the new Aspen M5500-8 Commercial trailer is the one for you. Bolted load bearing wheel covers, low profile power pack installation and 116 inch gooseneck swing with 26 feet of wide open deck and 53 feet overall length are just a few of the features this trailer offers the market. Contact your Aspen Technical Sales Rep or Dealer today for more information.

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