Battery Powered HVAC System for Freightliner Cascadia Trucks is Here

Making drivers more comfortable in their homes away from home

New Battery Powered HVAC system in new Freightliner Cascadia models

Freightliner Cascadia truck models will now have a new battery powered HVAC system available as a factory-installed option. The new Battery Powered HVAC system has replaced the previously offered ParkSmart system. Now available, you can order yours today for an impressive 10 hours of cooling or 34 hours of heating to the cab when parked.

Available on all new Cascadia sleeper sizes and bunk styles, the Battery Powered HVAC system reduces emissions by allowing drivers to maintain a comfortable temperature overnight in their cab without idling the engine. Increased airflow from a floor outlet further improves driver comfort, and the system is integrated with the truck’s Optimized Idle feature for comfort in any extreme climate.

All system components are serviceable, and most can be reached without removing the cabinet where it is housed. For 60” and 72” sleepers, the new solid state electrical center of the Battery Powered HVAC system fits completely underneath the cab’s wardrobe cabinet, freeing up space in the baggage compartment.

The Battery Powered HVAC system has a dual evaporator design and the compressor only runs in parked mode – further enhancing reliability. The system is fully integrated with vehicle power management to preserve engine starting.

“The new Cascadia is built to provide optimal comfort both on the job and off, and the Battery Powered HVAC system contributes to creating that ideal interior environment for the driver."
- Kelly Gedert, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks and Detroit Components.
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