Bendix Front and Rear Air Disc Brakes Now Standard for Kenworth T680 Trucks

Enhancing safety with increased efficiency

Bendix Front Air Disc ADB22X Kenworth announced that their T680 on-highway flagship truck will now come standard with both Bendix ADB22X front and rear air disc brakes. While the Bendix ADB22X front air disc brakes have been standard for the past several years, the addition of the rear air disc brakes as standard is thanks to Kenworth now offering rear air disc brakes as standard in general.

Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes offer superior braking performance, shorter stopping distances, enhanced safety, light weight and lower overall maintenance costs. The two-pin floating caliper design provides consistent force distribution. The design also significantly reduces brake fade with no degradation of stopping power, according to Bendix.

“Fleets and truck operators purchasing new Kenworth T680s can benefit from the superior performance, automotive-like feel, lightweight design, and ease of maintenance offered by Bendix ADB22X front and rear air disc brakes. These brakes also exceed the federal government’s RSD (reduced stopping distance) requirements for enhanced safety, offer extended brake change intervals, and provide weight reduction."
- Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.

Bendix ADB22X Rear Air Disc Brakes
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