Hitachi Construction Machinery Unveils ZW-7 Wheel Loaders: Comfort, Versatility, and Safety

Discover the new ZW-7 wheel loaders from Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas, offering unmatched comfort, versatility, and safety for operators.

hitachi zw220-7 wheel loader

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas has unveiled the ZW-7 generation wheel loaders, designed with a focus on comfort, versatility, and safety. The range of wheel loaders will include models from 3 cubic yards to 5.5 cubic yards, equipped with either standard-lift or high-lift configurations to meet the demands of various applications. The ZW-7 wheel loaders also come with a parallel-link front arm configuration that keeps attachments parallel with the ground as the loader arms move up or down—improving control and visibility when loading or unloading items.

Cab Comfort Confirmed

“Our new wheel loader series was designed with operator comfort as a key priority. A lot of work went into the cab to make it more comfortable to operate. For instance, improved sealing increases cab pressurization. This translates into a quieter, cleaner, and more comfortable cab,” said Matt Koester, Wheel Loader Product Manager at Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas.

The cabs of the ZW-7 generation wheel loaders are larger and quieter with improved ergonomics and panoramic visibility, ensuring unparalleled operator comfort. The cab features a standard fully adjustable heated air ride seat, incorporating a seat-mounted armrest with electric-hydraulic controls and ergonomically located switches. The armrest and controls adjust 3.5 inches forward or reverse to comfortably accommodate operators of all sizes.

More Power + Better Emissions = Everyone's Happy

The ZW-7 wheel loaders are equipped with Cummins engines that conform to Stage V emissions regulations, with an enhanced power-up mode that increases hill-climbing performance by identifying slopes and adding power to prevent the engine speed from dropping when traveling uphill. Additionally, the ZW-7 features a new sub-monitor that provides operators with a way to interact with the machine settings and select preferred settings for enhanced efficiency.

“Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas is always exploring new ways to increase safety on the job site. The latest innovation is an optional rear obstacle detection system. It provides visual and audible alarms based on the distance to the object,” added Koester.

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas has improved the serviceability of the ZW-7 wheel loaders by enhancing the design to protect critical components from the environment. The inner element of the engine air filter protects the engine from dust ingress while cleaning the outer element. The air conditioner is protected with a sealed internal filter that prevents the intrusion of dust into the air conditioner unit. An intelligent automatic reversing hydraulically driven fan and wide-fin radiators prevent clogging, while easy-access filters and improved access to components simplify daily maintenance.

To monitor machine health and increase uptime, the ZW-7 wheel loaders come with ConSite, a remote monitoring system that alerts owners and operators to upcoming maintenance needs. A new optional add-on, ConSite Air, allows the wheel loader to be diagnosed remotely, as well as remote updates of the software.

Overall, the ZW-7 generation wheel loaders from Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas are designed to offer unmatched comfort, versatility and safety, with improved serviceability and remote monitoring to boost uptime.

Compare the specifications on a variety of wheel loaders on the official website of Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas.

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