IMT Adds New Articulating Cranes with Increased Lift Capacity

The new cranes are also available with the Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS) system.

IMT Large Articulating Truck Crane
Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc. (IMT) has rolled out four new articulating crane models, the 610, 710, 810 and 910, and revisions to its current lineup. The four new models will replace the 5/33, 6/39, 7/48 and articulating models in the IMT portfolio. The new articulating cranes offer increased lifting capacities in the 40,000 ft-lb to 70,000 ft-lb range. The new models share the same tried-and-true features offered on all IMT articulating cranes, such as over-bending, which ensures the working area between the main boom and the jib is no less than 195°.

Also available on the new cranes is the Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS) system. Implemented to prioritize operator safety, EVS monitors the crane stability and warns the operator when the tilt of the truck’s chassis approaches a pre-set angle. The EVS system integrates with Rated Capacity Limiter (RCL), a key safety component that monitors the crane’s load moment, operation and function. Together, the EVS and the RCL create an integrated system that ensures truck stability, so the crane can be used at available capacity in any vehicle setup — without jeopardizing safety. Additional new features include internal hose routing, the “j” stow hook and improved lift to weight ratio on all models.
“After evaluating the market, we developed four new articulating crane models to meet the growing lifting demands of our customers. We also increased lifting capacity on current radio-remote articulating crane models to improve upon the high-performance and economical lifting solutions the IMT crane line offers. Between the increased lifting capabilities and the EVS and RCL, customers can maximize their productivity without worrying about safety — the system monitors what is happening for them. These new models will significantly impact the productivity capabilities of operators.”
- John Field, articulating crane product manager at IMT
IMT is committed to providing customers lighter, stronger, and more cost-effective lifting solutions that meet the demands of material handling applications. These four new models add to the comprehensive IMT crane lineup that operators have relied on for decades to get the job done.
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