J.J. Kane Sells $4.1 Million in Timed, Online-Only Auction and sets Proxibid Record

Nearly 850 bidders participated in the online auction.

Online Auction
With total sales over $4.1 million and nearly 850 online bidders participating, J.J. Kane Auctioneers set a new sales record for a timed, online-only auction on the Proxibid auction platform, beating out Proxibid’s previous timed, online-only auction with a 241 percent increase in online participants. The auction ended July 21st and featured a mix of power line, utility, and construction fleet equipment available.

In 2017, J.J. Kane added timed, online-only auctions to its portfolio to help increase its footprint in the secondary equipment market. J.J. Kane’s timed, online-only auctions feature a broad selection of inventory from contractors, utilities, and government agencies located across the country.
“Since adding a monthly timed, online-only auction to our regular schedule in January of this year, we have steadily seen sales and participant numbers increase. We are also seeing a different buyer at our online-only auctions than at our live sales as we continue to diversify inventory to reach a new buyer base.” - Joe Kane, Founder and President of J.J. Kane Auctioneers
Proxibid has provided live online bidding services for J.J. Kane Auctioneers since 2004. All purchases made via Proxibid are backed by the company’s risk management system and integrated payment solution, designed to facilitate high dollar transactions like the power and utility equipment sold in J.J. Kane's auctions.
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