Purpose-Built Pipelayer-Ready Crawlers by John Deere

The John Deere 1050K pipelayer is available in two configurations for 170,000 pounds (PL170) and 220,000 pounds (PL220) of maximum lift capacity.

John Deere 1050K PL220 Pipelayer-ready Dozer
The John Deere-designed and manufactured 1050K pipelayer-ready (PL) crawlers are now available for pipeline customers. The 1050K pipelayer is available in two configurations for 170,000 pounds (PL170) and 220,000 pounds (PL220) of maximum lift capacity, has 350 horsepower, and a dual-path hydrostatic transmission.

The 350 horsepower 1050K PL models boast a dual-path hydrostatic transmission that delivers more precise movement and control along the trench. Additionally, electrohydraulic controls enable exceptionally fine metering when placing the pipe.

When they leave the factory, the pipelayer-ready crawlers are ready for the customer's choice of an approved supplier boom. The machines' feature a bolt-on/pin-up design that simplifies sideboom installation, improving reliability and reducing setup times.

A pipelayer cab integrates an electrohydraulic joystick for precise one-handed control of the load line, boom and counterweight. A large roof-mounted skylight provides operators with a clear view of the boom. To further simplify setup, the purpose-built cab is factory equipped for easy installation of the sideboom supplier's load moment indicator (LMI).

The cab tilts with the sideboom installed for increased uptime. The front grille is hinged to provide easy access to the coolers. Toolless access is provided to dipstick, sight gauges, fill tubes, batteries, master electrical shutoff, engine, transmission and all filters. Eco mode and auto-idle, which can provide significant fuel savings in many pipeline applications are standard on all John Deere crawlers. Eco mode automatically adjusts engine speed and transmission settings based on load, and has the potential to reduce fuel consumption up to 25 percent with no loss in productivity.

Fleet managers looking to get the most out of their 1050K pipelayer-ready crawlers can rely on their John Deere dealers to provide Ultimate Uptime, featuring John Deere WorkSight. With Ultimate Uptime, owners receive predelivery and follow-up inspections that include five years of JDLink telematics, machine health prognostics, remote diagnostics, programming capabilities and the ability to add dealer-provided uptime solutions to create a customized package.

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