Introducing the John Deere 620G/GP & 622G/GP Motor Graders

The new 620G/GP and 622G/GP motor graders are good candidates where a smaller and lighter grader is needed.

John Deere 622G Motor Grader
John Deere has added two new models to their 600 series motor grader lineup. Additionally, John Deere is adding a dual joystick option on all Grade Pro (GP) models, along with ripper-stow automation, courtesy lighting and an updated high-resolution reverse camera monitor, which are new to all G/GP models.

The new 620G/GP and 622G/GP motor graders are lighter and more fuel-efficient than their siblings in the John Deere 600 Series lineup, the 670G/GP and 672G/GP. Both the 620G and 622G have a Final Tier 4 6.8L John Deere diesel engine with 215 horsepower (160.4 kilowatts) and 225 horsepower (167.9 kilowatts), respectively. The operating weight of the 620G is 40,350 pounds/18,302 kg and the 622G is 42,060 pounds/19,078 kg, making them good candidates where a smaller and lighter grader is needed. Like other Deere graders, "Eco mode" is available to helps optimize fuel usage, which Deere claims decreases operating costs by five to 10 percent compared to the larger 670G and 672G models.

The new dual joystick option should please those who prefer joystick control to the standard antler rack. Hand motion has been minimized during direction changes and gear shifting, which provides improved comfort of controls by eliminating the need to "twist" for blade circle or articulation.

Other updates to the G-Series line include the addition of a 7-inch (17.7 cm), high-resolution reverse camera monitor that provides a clear picture to the operator when reversing around obstacles. Standard courtesy lighting turns on the machine lights as the operator exits the machine. On GP models, ripper-stow quickly returns the ripper to its fully raised position at the end of pass simply by double-tapping the control.
"Our G-Series lineup is all about offering contractors and governmental customers the grader of 'choice,' allowing them to choose the right machine for their application. Customers asked for a lighter and more fuel-efficient grader, and the 620G and 622G answer the call. We're enthusiastic about the new dual joystick option as well. Now operators and owners can select from the traditional antler rack mechanical controls, interchangeable GP fingertip controls or dual joysticks, whichever they prefer and are most productive with — all while retaining the steering wheel."
- Luke Kurth, product marketing manager, motor graders, John Deere Construction & Forestry
The John Deere G-Series has eight grader models, the 620G/GP, 622G/GP, 670G/GP, 672G/GP, 770G/GP, 772G/GP, 870G/GP, and 872G/GP, with net horsepower ranging from 215 to 300 (160.4 to 223.8 kilowatts) and four models, the 622G/GP, 672G/GP, 772G/GP and 872G/GP, feature six-wheel drive.

John Deere 620G Motor Grader
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