John Deere Unveils 344L Compact Wheel Loader with Articulation Plus

Designed for enhanced speed and lift capacity, the John Deere 344L compact wheel loader will be showcased at the 2018 World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

John Deere 344L Compact Wheel Loader
The new John Deere 344L compact wheel loader is equipped with smooth auto-shift technology designed for increased speed and enhanced performance in ag material handling, landscaping, snow removal and construction operations at larger job sites.

The industry-exclusive Articulation Plus steering system on the 344L aims to allow operators to lift more during turns. Its design also features an articulated frame plus rear-wheel steer, providing a tighter turning radius along with improved stability and additional lift capacity.

In addition, the newly designed loader arms and coupler provide better parallel lifting of attachments and increased visibility, especially for operators using forks. With a full-turn tip load of 12,650 pounds, customers are able to lift heavier loads and can keep more material in the bucket without making adjustments. 

For improved operator comfort, the 344L also boasts a new cab design with greater space and increased visibility to the loader arm and bucket. The 344L is also equipped with pivot and rear oscillation to provide a smoother ride.

To increase uptime, a redesigned engine layout and cooling package provide increased airflow for enhanced cooling and reduced debris penetration risk, as well as easy access to ground-level service points. Reversing fan capabilities also aim to keep customers in high-airborne-debris areas running longer.

Rim pull control extends tire life by allowing customers to adjust the torque of the machine to the conditions of their job sites.

In addition, the 344L comes with a new FT4 Deere engine and JDLink™ telematics. The machine-monitoring solution provides real-time data and health prognostics to suggest maintenance solutions that can decrease downtime. Remote diagnostics enable a dealer to read codes, record performance data, and even update software without a trip to the job site.

The 344L will be available at dealers this spring.

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