John Deere’s Annual Reman Day Celebration Focuses on Value, Quality, and Environmental Stewardship

Commemorating 20 years since the program’s launch

Ready for Reman Day

John Deere demonstrated the continuation of their efforts to advance the manufacturing industry by hosting their annual Reman Day celebration this past April 11th. The event was held at their remanufacturing facilities in Springfield, Missouri and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, as well as various other units throughout the company. The company focused on three primary themes this year: Delivering value to the John Deere customer, quality and pride of workmanship throughout the remanufacturing process, and improving environmental stewardship.

“It has been rewarding to see the continued growth and expansion of our remanufacturing business and John Deere Reman Day is way to celebrate those accomplishments while continuing to increase awareness. Our employees truly understand the value and impact of the remanufacturing process, and strive to serve John Deere customers throughout the equipment lifecycle, while minimizing waste and making the most of resources.”
- Josh Kempel, Global Sales and Marketing Manager, John Deere Reman

At the Reman facilities in Springfield, Missouri, the day begins with an emphasis on hazardous material collection. Crews will be on site to collect and dispose of items such as paints, electronics, light bulbs, and oil. John Deere also invited local high schools to learn more about the remanufacturing process and how it benefits the environment. Students will receive a tour of the engine remanufacturing facility and learn more about various John Deere scholarship opportunities.

Recently celebrating 20 years since the program’s launch in Springfield, Missouri, the John Deere Reman program has offered like-new exchange components since 1998. Previously sold, used or worn parts are restored from both a quality and performance perspective – and cost between 20-40 percent less than new parts. Remanufactured components such as engines, transmissions, axles, electronics and rotating electrical components are covered under a John Deere warranty. Through the remanufacturing processes of these components, John Deere Reman has prevented over 125 million pounds of landfill waste in the last five years, reducing energy and raw materials consumption, thus safeguarding the environment.

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