Kubota Invests in Tavant Warranty On-Demand Platform

Keeping dealers happy by ensuring efficiency and quality

Kubota and Tavant Technologies

Kubota Tractor Corporation is teaming up with Tavant Technologies, a leading provider of aftermarket solutions, in order to invest in their procedure for processing warranty claims in the most efficient manner possible. As a benefit to dealers nationwide, the Tavant Warranty On-Demand (TWOD) platform will go into effect in early 2019. The platform, which will be Kubota’s sole application for dealing with warranty claims and related aftermarket business processes, will help to enhance service quality and operational coherence when processing and tracking claims.

Kubota is investing in this improved warranty system to benefit its network of 1,100 dealers nationwide. Tavant’s warranty platform is built to help automate and self-check claims during processing. Upon deployment, the system immediately reduces lead times and accelerates throughput rates. It enables an integrated workflow in which all stakeholders can work toward a common objective to eliminate errors, reduce warranty spend, improve product quality, and enhance end-customer satisfaction.

“We chose to reinvent Kubota’s internal warranty process to realize greater transparency and higher efficiency for our dealer network,” said Todd Stucke, senior vice president of marketing, product support, and strategic projects for Kubota Tractor Corporation. “Business processes around warranty claims are part of the services we offer to our stakeholders, and we always want to offer the best products and experiences. This new offering will help Kubota maintain the high level of service and customer satisfaction that is expected from all aspects of our company.”

“Because warranty is a complicated process, with hundreds of system components to track and many IT interdependencies, we chose to work with Tavant because of their knowledge of the manufacturing sector and their in-depth experience in the development and deployment of complex enterprise systems."
- Todd Stucke

Commenting on Tavant’s growing warranty management business, Sarvesh Mahesh, CEO of Tavant, said, “The TWOD platform grew from our extensive work with several manufacturers across the globe. The warranty process was one of the greatest pain points for our clients, so we developed a sophisticated platform to solve challenges in claims processing, supplier recovery, and customer satisfaction. Working with an industry leader such as Kubota is a rewarding validation of our software and of its clear value-add to aftermarket operations.”

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