Kubota Debuts Six New Ag Tractors for Specialty Crop Producers

The new M Series specialty farm tractors include three narrow ROPS tractors, a power krawler and high clearance, low profile models.

Kubota M5N-111 ROPS Narrow Tractor
Kubota Tractor Corporation has debuted six new specialty ag tractors designed for narrow, low profile and high clearance applications at its annual dealer meeting. The new M Series introductions include the M4N-071 ROPS, M5N-091 ROPS and M5N-111 ROPS narrow tractors; the M5N-091PK Power Krawler tractor; the M6L-111 low profile tractor; and the M6H-101 high clearance tractor. The new M Series specialty tractors bring greater variety, performance and operator options for specialty crop producers. These tractors are available at Kubota dealerships now.
“We introduced the newly upgraded M4 and M5 narrow tractors just six months ago, and today we are adding open platform ROPS models and a Power Krawler track to this line, giving customers more options to consider at the dealership. Each model meets specific demands of orchard, vineyard and specialty row crop producers. The new ROPS models offer an open platform design for added comfort, and the new M5N-091 Power Krawler delivers increased hydraulic capacity and even more durable frame for the stable, sure-footed climb that only tracks can provide. With these tractor introductions we are providing specialty crop producers with all the variations and options they could need, all in our M Series lineup.”
- Tyler Pittson, Kubota utility tractors product manager
The new M Series specialty tractors feature Kubota V-3800-Tier 4 engines, intelligently revamped operator stations and improved hydraulics. The highly versatile transmissions are designed to provide superior power and efficiency for the rigorous demands of specialty crop production. The M5N-091 PK continues Kubota’s distinctive crawler design with track upgrades.

The M6L-111 low profile tractor, first engineered for work in tree fruit and nut orchards, features a folding ROPS, enhanced hydraulic capacity and a Kubota powertrain that performs over a wide range of commercial agriculture applications requiring superior power in low clearance spaces, including poultry and livestock facilities. The M6H-101 high clearance models deliver the same M Series power in the high-clearance design required for strawberries, vegetable, and other specialty agriculture environments.

New M4N-071 ROPS, M5N-091 ROPS and M5N-111 ROPS: Same M Series Power with Greater Economy

The new M4N-071 ROPS, M5N-091 ROPS and M5N-111 ROPS models all feature Kubota-engineered and built V-3800 Tier 4 engine, performance-matched to bring Kubota durability and greater affordability to the strenuous demands of specialty agricultural applications. The open operator station design of the M5N-091 ROPS and M5N-111 ROPS offers more operator leg room and, combined with design changes in the bevel gear housing, they also boast two-inches lower hood height than the cab models. The three new ROPS models include increased alternator capacity, larger radiator and larger diameter cooling fan introduced in the cab models. All engines include a common rail fuel system, intercooler and exhaust gas recirculation, while employing a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction for minimizing emissions. Standard RPM memory settings for repetitious actions enhance performance efficiency.

New M5N-091 4WD Power Krawler: Tackles Rugged, Hilly Terrain

The new Kubota M5N-091 PK Narrow Cab tractor also features the Kubota V-3800 Tier 4 engine, along with interior cab upgrades, updated hydraulic capacity and greater track durability through design and material enhancements. Track engineering upgrades and thicker material promotes longevity of the independently oscillating left and right rear tracks, which ensure greater traction and sure-footed climbing in vineyards and other hilly terrain. Like the other new narrow tractor models, the Power Krawler offers two self-cancelling detent deluxe built-in flow control valves, with an option to add up to five total valves. A redesigned operator station puts all main controls on the operator’s right-hand side, and a steering wheel with 40 degrees of tilt. The M5N-091 4WD Narrow Power Krawler has a maximum travel speed of 17.9 mph, an increase over the maximum speed of 13.2 mph of the M8540 PK, which it replaces in Kubota’s narrow tractor lineup.

New M6L-111 and M6H-101: Low Profile and High Clearance

The new M6H-101 and M6L-111 execute high clearance and low profile applications, powered by Tier-4 Kubota Clean Diesel engines.

Strawberry and specialty row crop producers have anticipated the M6H-101, which brings top-of-class 25.8 inches of ground clearance.

The low profile M6L-111 provides superior power for tree fruit and nut orchards, as well as poultry operations and other agricultural applications requiring superior power in a low-clearance design.

The new high-clearance and low profile tractors feature the same engine technology in other models of the M6 Series, with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Common Rail System (CRS) that combine with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) muffler and an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system to meet Tier 4 Final emissions regulations.
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