Loftness Reveals Kwik Cut: A Game-Changer for Skid Steers

Delving into the Kwik Cut, Loftness' revolutionary brush cutter attachment for skid steers, and its potential impact on the landscaping and forestry sectors.

loftness kwik cut skid steer loader attachment brush cutter

A New Chapter in Skid Steer Technology

In a significant move for the skid steer and compact track loader market, Loftness, based out of Hector, Minn., has introduced its latest innovation: the Kwik Cut brush cutter skid steer attachment. This brush cutter attachment promises to be a game-changer, combining efficiency with durability.

The Kwik Cut's Edge: Features and Innovations

loftness skid steer attachment brush cutter

The Kwik Cut is not just another attachment; it represents a leap in skid steer technology. Designed to tackle tough terrains, it effortlessly slices through grass, weeds, and small trees up to 10 inches in diameter. Furthermore, its ability to grind stumps and brush to ground level sets it apart.

  • Blade Dynamics: The Kwik Cut's 72-inch disc sports four dual-edge beveled blades. An interesting feature is their ability to retract upon severe impact, ensuring durability and protection from potential damage. The disc's underside houses 18 carbide teeth, mounted in such a way to facilitate easy maintenance.

  • Introducing the Floating Door: A first in its category, the Kwik Cut has an exclusive floating door mechanism. It opens upon contact with a tree, maximizing blade exposure for better cuts. When fully deployed, it doubles as a tree pusher.

Performance Meets Precision
Loftness seems to have considered both power and user experience. With a hydraulic flow range of 28 to 45-GPM and a horsepower range of 50 to 110, the Kwik Cut is poised for robust performance. Its 150cc radial piston motor ensures immediate torque on startup, which translates to efficient operation and reduced recovery times. The rubber-mounted pressure gauge is a thoughtful addition, enabling operators to monitor the workload without leaving the skid-steer cab.

Beyond the Kwik Cut: A Glimpse into Loftness
More than just a manufacturing company, Loftness is an employee-owned entity. While the Kwik Cut is their latest offering, they've been instrumental in rolling out the VMLogix line of vegetation management equipment, catering to a wide array of machinery needs.

The Impact and Future Potential
Given the features and thought behind the Kwik Cut, it is poised to significantly impact the landscaping and forestry sectors. Its innovative design elements, coupled with Loftness's reputation, suggest that this attachment may very well set new standards for skid steer functionality.

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