MAC Introduces Light Weight Walking Floor Trailer and Tipper Trailer

The new MAC Lite Walking Floor and MAC Lite Tipper Trailer are available in lengths from 42 to 53 feet.

MAC Lite Walking Floor Trailer

If you are in the market for a new commodity trailer, whether it be tipper or walking floor trailer for your transport needs, then take a look at the new light-weight high-quality trailers from MAC Trailer Manufacturing. The new MAC Lite Moving Floor and MAC Lite Tipper Trailer boast a lighter weight, laser cut and laser drilled riveted design, and all aluminum and galvanized steel construction.

The trailers are available in a range of lengths from 42' to 53' to help carry mulch, wood, waste, scrap, or whatever your commodity might be. Typically, slats and decking available via MAC's walking floor trailers range smooth surface aluminum to steel to handle the toughest and most abrasive loads.

MAC Lite Walking Floor Trailers
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