Manitou Industrial Forklifts and Aerial Platforms to be Featured at Modex

Including a scheduled press release covering the models that are exceeding customer expectations

 Manitou ME316
Manitou will be featuring their electric mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) and three industrial forklifts at the upcoming MODEX Show in Atlanta Georgia on April 9-12th. This demonstration will include the AETJ 49 electric-powered model, which has never been shown in a trade show in North America until now. A press release highlighting Manitou’s new industrial products is scheduled to take place on Monday, April 9th at 12pm at their booth, B2457. 
"We are very excited to be at MODEX this year and have the opportunity to meet with manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain experts that can truly benefit from our new industrial product lines. Our industrial forklifts and MEWPs provide new North American market opportunities for Manitou, which has already established a strong reputation for both product lines in Europe."
- Chris Mathijs, director of sales - Manitou MHA, Manitou North America   
Manitou recently introduced a line of five MEWPs for North America and, at the MODEX Show, they will feature the AETJ 49 electric-powered model from the new product range. This is the first time the new Manitou AETJ 49 aerial platform will be on display at a major trade show in North America. In industrial applications, where maximum up-and-over reach is critical, the AETJ 49 exceeds customer expectations. This model is just 5 feet 9 inches wide and has a 49-foot maximum lift height and 30-foot outreach, providing an impressive outreach width ratio. In addition, the lightweight, compact design of the AETJ 49 is ideal for working in tight spaces. The electric model is fit with a 48-volt traction battery, providing absolute performance, duty cycles and battery life.
Manitou will also feature machines from its new range of North American industrial forklifts. The new Manitou forklift line includes fourteen electric (ME Range) and internal combustion (MI Range) models, with plans to expand the offering even further this year to include models that range in lift capacity from 3,000 to 22,000 pounds and include diesel options. At the MODEX Show, Manitou will showcase the electric-powered ME 316 and ME 425C and the LPG-powered MI 25G. The Manitou ME 316 is a three-wheeled industrial forklift model with a maximum capacity of 3,174 pounds. It has a compact design that allows for operation in aisles as narrow as 10 feet 3 inches. While the Manitou ME 425C is a four-wheel, mid-sized forklift with a higher capacity, up to 4,982 pounds. Both electric-powered forklift models come with a 48-volt battery, 11.5-horsepower engine and lift height up to 21 feet 4 inches. From the internal combustion MI industrial forklift line, Manitou will showcase the MI 25G at the MODEX show. This model can lift up to 4,982 pounds and reach 21 feet 4 inches. It comes equipped with a 61-horsepower engine, powershift transmission and duplex mast. All of Manitou's ME and MI forklifts are designed around user expectations for simplicity, comfort and reliability. They are perfectly suited for industrial applications with exclusive features to ensure efficient operation and a low total cost of ownership.
Manitou AETJ49
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