My Little Salesman partners with shipping marketplace uShip

My Little Salesman, online marketplace for new and used trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment, is pleased to announce integration with uShip, the world’s largest transportation marketplace.

Buyers on My Little Salesman may now use the embedded uShip shipping calculator to estimate shipping costs on listed pieces of equipment. This estimate is based on the average price paid by other uShip members for comparable shipments and allows customers to get an idea of cost without listing the item on uShip.

“Adding a shipping marketplace to our website allows buyers to find the true cost of their purchase,” says My Little Salesman President Jason Pierce. “My Little Salesman is a name people trust, so we needed a partner we can trust. We found that partner in uShip.”

uShip is the world’s largest and most trusted transportation marketplace, primarily serving the freight, household goods and vehicle shipping markets. Consumers and businesses can compare and book upfront quotes, name their own price or receive auction-style bids from over 225,000 customer-reviewed Transportation Service Providers, ranging from independent owner-operators to the largest freight carriers and brokers.

My Little Salesman wouldn’t just recommend a service without first using it. When Mr. Pierce needed to ship his Ford truck from Austin, Texas to Eugene, Oregon this July he turned to uShip. “uShip allowed me to find the best rate to ship my truck without the hassle of contacting individual carriers,” says Mr. Pierce. “If I need to ship again, I’ll use uShip and I am happy to welcome them as a vendor partner to and our customers.”

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