Bobcat Nitrogen Breaker Attachments Deliver Powerful Energy with Minimal Recoil

A simplified design and a longer piston stroke make these breakers the ideal attachment options

Bobcat Nitrogen Breaker

Bobcat Company is releasing a line of six new nitrogen breaker attachments. These new additions, featuring a simpler design for easier maintenance, will cover all Bobcat compact excavators, skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, and mini track loaders. The powerful breakers will provide industry-leading impact energy while living up to the highest quality standards that are expected of the Bobcat brand.

Devastate demolition jobs with the long piston stroke of the new Bobcat nitrogen breakers, while also experiencing relatively minimal recoil.

"The Bobcat nitrogen breaker has the impact power customers want for difficult demolition jobs, like removing reinforced concrete slabs."
- Travis Kidder, Bobcat attachment product specialist

The new Bobcat nitrogen breakers have minimal internal parts, a single lower bushing and easily accessible grease ports. Each of these design features reduces the breaker’s maintenance requirements and makes rebuilds easier. The unique valve design of the breakers lessens hydraulic pressure fluctuation, which reduces stress on the carrying equipment’s hydraulic pumps.

A loader X-Change mounting frame allows owners to transition nitrogen breakers from a compact loader to a compact excavator. This can be beneficial to customers who regularly change attachments between carriers. It’s also a popular feature for rental stores that rent breakers across a variety of compact equipment.

Nitrogen breaker tools vary by model and include blunts, moils, chisels and nail points. Customers should consult with an authorized Bobcat dealership to confirm which tools are approved for use with Bobcat nitrogen breakers and carriers.

The six models of Bobcat nitrogen breakers are available for purchase now at authorized Bobcat dealerships in the United States and Canada. Bobcat requires the use of a special applications kit when operating a nitrogen breaker. An optional water nozzle kit for dust suppression is coming soon.

Quick Look: Bobcat Nitrogen Breakers

Availability: United States and Canada

Approved carriers:  Six Bobcat nitrogen breaker models are available to fit T450 – T870 compact track loaders, S70 – S850 skid-steer loaders, MT55 and MT85 mini track loaders, and Bobcat E10 – E85 compact excavators.

Impact energy:

• NB110 81 ft-lb.

• NB140 258 ft-lb.

• NB150 332 ft-lb.

• NB160 479 ft-lb.

• NB170 738 ft-lb.

• NB180 996 ft-lb.                      

Bobcat Nitrogen Breaker
Bobcat Nitrogen Breaker
Bobcat Nitrogen Breaker
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