New Extended Boom Option for John Deere 800MH-Series Tracked Harvesters

Extended stick boom option provides maximum efficiency with a longer reach (32.5 ft.) and less machine movement

John Deere has announced a new extended stick boom option for the 800MH-Series tracked harvesters. With a design based on customer feedback, the new extended boom stick offers a longer reach option, enabling operators to minimize the number of cut trails.  A longer boom means less frequency of machine movement, which not only helps operators harvest larger areas without interruption, but also benefits the surrounding terrain. All of this allows for a simpler, faster way to harvest in the woods, all while meeting local regulations. 

Designed for use with smaller attachments, the new extended stick boom option reaches 32.5 feet (9.9 meters). Additionally, the extended option features a narrow boom tip, allowing the operator to reach past standing timber in thinning applications. This also helps operators minimize damage to the trees being harvested.

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