Royal Truck & Trailer Acquires Arista Trucking Systems

Now operates as “Arista, a Royal Truck & Trailer Company”

Arista, a Royal Truck & Trailer Company

Royal Truck & Trailer, a premier midwestern transportation supplier of new and used trailers and heavy-duty truck and trailer service, parts, and accessories, announced it has acquired Arista Truck Systems. Arista is a leading Morgan truck body dealer, which specializes in designing and installing commercial truck equipment. The purchase of Arista Truck Systems, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, continues Royal’s mission to be the best resource for the transportation industry.

According to Royal’s Chief Executive Officer, Ken Bumgardner, the “acquisition will allow Royal to not only expand our core business geographically but continue to diversify our product offerings for our customers.” Mr. Bumgardner also emphasized Arista’s “obvious commitment to employees, focus on providing excellent products and services to customers, and overall culture” as a reason for his excitement about the acquisition.
“We strongly believe in helping our customers make smart decisions when designing and purchasing trucks,” stated Todd Jensen, Former Owner of Arista Truck Systems “and through this partnership with Royal Truck & Trailer we look forward to continued growth and an opportunity to serve our customers together.”
Arista Truck Systems will now operate as “Arista, a Royal Truck & Trailer Company.”
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