Tigercat Enhances 855 E-Series Forestry Carriers

The new 855 E-series forestry carriers by Tigercat have been upgraded with new cabs offering a revamped control module and more.

Tigercat 855E Cab
is expanding its 855 E-series forestry carrier platform with the introduction of a new cab design. It boasts a new electronic control module featured on a touch-screen display on an adjustable mount. Frequently used controls have been incorporated into joystick pods.

The new Tigercat cab also features larger side windows, more cab lights and narrower side posts. The 855E platform also utilizes skyVIEW and rearVIEW camera systems. The cab is also equipped with a Bluetooth component.

The 855E machine platform can be configured as a harvester, feller buncher or shovel logger. It has been field tested for different forestry applications and in varying climates.

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