Waratah Forestry Equipment Introduces H225E Debarking Head

The forestry equipment manufacturers at New Zealand-based Waratah have release a stronger, more accurate, and fuel efficient debarking head in the H225E.

Waratah Forestry Equipment recently introduced their H225E—the latest version of the company’s H215E head for single-pass eucalyptus debarking. Designed for use on large, wheeled harvesters and excavators, the H225E is a powerful, high-capacity debarking head for harsher applications. 

“The H225E redefines what it means to be a workhorse, with improved features that facilitate enhanced debarking productivity and durability,” said Brent Fisher, product marketing manager for Waratah. “Building on the high-performing H215E model, the H225E is built to work with unparalleled excellence and efficiency.” 

Updated for Mechanical Efficiency

With a weight of 3,720 lb. (1690 kg), the new 200 Series head features an increased performance valve that allows for greater oil flow and hydraulic working pressure capabilities (35 MPa or 5,076 psi) for more feed power. The head has also been re-engineered for reduced frame friction for use on straight or curvy trees. Improved measuring wheel log contact enables increased measuring accuracy while a new find-end laser sensor reduces the need to saw.

The H225E also includes patented variable angle feed rollers for better bark separation cutting as well as debarking initialization and efficiency to improve debarking for varying diameters. Redesigned swept cast arms improve delimbing in harvesting or processing applications with lower knife improvements for reverse delimbing. The H225E features Waratah’s TimberRiteTM H-16 measuring and control system for increased efficiency and accuracy.

Durability Enhancements

Built for optimal debarking efficiency, the H225E features new delimb arm profiles, which improve delimbing and durability in plantation stands of consistent diameter or variable diameters of big timber. The length-measuring system has been redesigned for enhanced durability and placement on the log—or with optional measuring from the feed motors. 

The new valve includes anti-cavitation protection for feed motors. Additional guarding protects the main frame and roller arm cylinders. A new hose bulkhead bracket reduces hose wear and interference on tracked carriers. The company has added extra protective elements to the rear knife hose routing and tilt cylinder base-end bearing for increased part durability.

Increased Fuel Efficiency

With the more efficient hydraulic operation, the new H225E valve design allows for higher working pressure to reduce oil flow needs and provide more torque with reduced fuel consumption. This also decreases the need for hydraulic oil cooling. Additionally, an improved hose layout promotes uptime by minimizing potential hose failures.

The company’s engineers have designed easier serviceability access to the roller arm cylinder, new valve bank, and hose layout—also contributing to enhanced uptime and lower daily operating costs. 

The Waratah H225E head is currently available to customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Brazil and Latin America.

For more information about Waratah, please visit Waratah.com.
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