Western Global Unveils FuelCube Type-S: Compact Revolution in Job Site Refueling

Discover the FuelCube Type-S, Western Global's compact, transportable fuel tank. Reliable, versatile, and secure, it's transforming jobsite refueling.

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Compact Convenience for the Modern Jobsite: Western Global's FuelCube Type-S

Western Global, a renowned manufacturer of fuel and fluid storage solutions, just unveiled a new product that promises to revolutionize job site refueling— the FuelCube Type-S. This compact fuel tank, easily transported in the back of a truck, signals a fresh wave of reliable, flexible, and secure solutions in the bustling industrial equipment market.

Shaping a New Future in Fuel Transport

The FuelCube Type-S is more than just a fuel tank; it's a significant leap forward in terms of convenience and efficiency. "The FuelCube Type-S propels Western Global into a new sector," announced Jeff Lowe, Vice President of Product Marketing at Western Global. "We're replacing traditional slip tanks with something far more secure and user-friendly. We can't wait for businesses to experience this new chapter in fuel transport."

job site refueling tank

Robust and Reliable

Ideally suited for 3/4-ton pickups or larger, the FuelCube Type-S boasts a 119-gallon capacity and is designed with the needs of contractors in mind. Unlike traditional slip tanks, this new model features four-way forklift pockets for easy removal and installation, making efficient use of valuable truck bed space.

With the added advantage of stackable corner brackets, the FuelCube Type-S can be easily stored when not in use, preserving precious space on busy job sites.

Designed for Durability

jobsite refueling tank
Western Global's focus on durability shines through in the FuelCube Type-S. It showcases built-in, weatherproof, 110% double-walled containment that reduces the risk of disruptive fuel spills. The lockable equipment cabinet safeguards crucial components, improving security and longevity. "Slip tanks may be ubiquitous, but they're not without issues," Lowe commented. "The FuelCube Type-S provides operators with greater adaptability, mobility, and security, optimizing their fueling experience."

Discover the FuelCube Type-S

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Interested in revolutionizing your refueling process with Western Global's FuelCube Type-S? You’re invited to learn more about Western Global and this innovative product.

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