Why You Need an Excavator Scoop Rake from TRK Attachments [VIDEO]

Scoop Rakes have by far the best overall effectiveness for heavy applications and production land clearing.

Need to clear roots, brush, branches or stumps with a brilliantly-manufactured excavator scoop rake? TRK Attachments from Niagara, Canada has just the excavator scoop rake attachment for your digging needs. This 5th generation severe-duty excavator scoop rake design has the most features to date and is the perfect attachment for all excavators weighing between 8 and 60 tons.

Here’s why this excavator scoop rake is one of our top choices...

”Shanks” a Lot

The TRK excavator rake has the thickest shanks you will find anywhere, letting you dig deeper than ever before – all without the need for gussets, which are known to impede material flow. The scoop’s extra-long shanks hold large loads of undesirable materials (rocks, roots and stumps) while letting dirt pass through. Best of all, the teeth are replaceable for easy upkeep.

Excavator Scoop Rake by TRK Attachments

The scoop excavator attachment’s shanks are bigger, longer and stronger than ever before.

Reinforced Excavator Scoop Rake Design

These handcrafted excavator scoops, made from hardened steels (AR400) and structural steel (50W), come with a limited 2-year warranty. Joints and other vulnerable points are further reinforced with T1 & AR400 steel for extra longevity and flexibility, not to mention case-hardened pin bosses.  

Wide Variety of Excavator Rake Sizes

TRK Attachments makes their heavy-duty scoops from 36” to 84” wide. This is about 2-tons-too-large for a mini-excavator to wield, but ideal for medium or full-sized excavators. Even huge heavy-duty crawler excavators will have no problem using the TRK excavator scoop rake attachment.

Look at the details, reviews and specifications of the TRK excavator scoop rake.

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