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  • Online marketplace
    Find the equipment you’re looking for in the My Little Salesman directory of new and used heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, parts, and attachments for sale, rent, or at auction. Save and compare listings, receive suggestions for similar listings, get notified when an item you’re looking for becomes available.
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    Post a free Wanted Listing and receive offers from sellers who have exactly what you’re looking for.
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    Receive the latest news from My Little Salesman and partners, new features and products, events, special offers, and more.
  • Industry services
    Our Industry Services page provides valuable information and links to organizations related to the Heavy Equipment, Truck, Trailer, Parts and Attachments industries. Categories include Appraisals, Associations, Financing and Leasing, Insurance, Repair Services, Transportation and Shipping, Truck Stops, and more.
  • Partner program
    My Little Salesman has partnered up with manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers to bring quality services and significant cost savings to My Little Salesman customers. Rebates and discounts are available to registered My Little Salesman customers only.
  • Online marketplace
    Reach active buyers on My Little Salesman’s online mobile-responsive marketplace for heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, parts, and attachments for sale, rent, or at auction.
  • Inventory management
    My Little Salesman's customized hosting and inventory management solutions allow you to efficiently upload, update, and manage your inventory in one place via your mobile device or desktop, anytime, anywhere.
  • Website development
    My Little Salesman offers website design, web application development, content management systems, hosting, email, and inventory management solutions that give you a strong online presence and easy access to your inventory.
  • My Little Salesman partner program
    The My Little Salesman Partner Program allows industry service providers in the categories Appraisals, Associations, Auctioneers, Education, Financing and Leasing, Industry Software, Insurance, Job Boards, Repair Services, Transportation and Shipping, Truck Stops, and others, to reach thousands of potential new customers each month.
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