My Little Salesman Back-Pocket Solution

Innovative Then. Innovative Now.

To tell you where we're going, here's a quick gist of where we've been.

Our story starts in 1958—the same year we got NASA, the microchip, and a gallon of gas for a quarter. Long before the days of one-click online shopping or even commercial fax machines, buying and selling heavy equipment was usually a pain in the neck. Traveling salesmen were stretched thin. Dealerships were far-flung. Classified ads were easily buried and inefficient.

How could equipment sellers cut through the noise and get their product listings into the hands of eager prospects all over the country? Enter My Little Salesman.

My Little Salesman started the way many industry changers do—a bootstrap solution pieced together in someone's apartment. This particular apartment belonged to Cliff Womack. He and associate Dick Pierce—both working in logging—understood the headaches of the heavy equipment sales industry at the time. The two put together the first "Equipment Catalog"—sending out a few thousand copies to buyers in the Pacific Northwest.
They designed the My Little Salesman catalog to be the size to fit in a gentleman's sport coat or the pocket of a pair of dungarees. It was to be mailed monthly and formatted so that, unlike newspapers, it would hold up on a job site or in the cab of a truck.
The name "My Little Salesman," like every aspect of the company, came to Cliff and Dick in response to customer needs—a "little salesman" that fit in the hands, back pockets, or on dashboards of customers nationwide. It wasn't long before the popularity of the publication became much more than a heavy equipment catalog.

From Print to Digital and Beyond

In 1996, nearly forty years into publication, Dick's son Jason was brought in to bring My Little Salesman into the digital age and connect new generations of buyers with sellers. What started as a few tweaks transformed into a full-blown call-and-response process of developing the necessary tools and functionality to help sales teams—just like yours—thrive.

All-In-One Dealer Management System (DMS)

Over the years, My Little Salesman pieced together an ace squad of technology professionals. The company evolved beyond a listing service to become a complete "business in a box" for your sales team—your All-In-One Dealer Management System (DMS). Such tools now include a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system, inventory management, invoicing & sales management, digital marketing services, professional web design, and much more.

Every sales tool you need—still fitting in your pocket.

Over sixty years since the first copies of My Little Salesman went out, we're still obsessed with creating pocket-sized solutions to the "big ol' honkin'" problems for buyers and sellers. Whether it's displaying your products in a stunning and widely distributed catalog to allowing you to run your entire sales department from your mobile device, you can do it all with My Little Salesman.

At the end of the day, what's our secret?

What's the secret to our multi-generational success in the face of changing market conditions and customer needs? It's really quite simple—we listen intently to your problems and promptly respond with easy-to-use solutions. We're pleased to be your back pocket solution for all of your sales needs.

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Learn more about our roots.

To see a full history of My Little Salesman, we've constructed this handy historic timeline just for this purpose.