Inventory Management

Quickly and easily manage all of your inventory, now on, including images, specifications, location, and notes via phone, tablet, or desktop, in one central location. Whether it's thousands of auto parts or a dozen trucks, we make inventory management easy.
Inventory Management Software

Easy-to-use cloud-based inventory management

Outperform your competition and grow your dealership by modernizing your sales and asset management with our inventory management system.
Because your inventory is online and in the cloud, your inventory and contacts can go everywhere with you.
You won't need a manual to use our online management system, because it was built from the ground-up to be easy-to-use, flexible, and quick.
User Friendly Inventory Management

User Friendly System

Easy-to-use inventory management system that allows you to keep track of all of your vital information.
Track Sales History

Track Sales History

Quickly link inventory to contacts to track sales history, past ownership, associated sales reps, and more.
Inventory Reporting

Inventory Reporting

Know what's aging, your best selling product segment, average time to sale, and more.
Centralized Team Notes

Centralized Team Notes

One central location for your team to keep a log of inquiries, repairs, comments, or anything else.
No iPhone or Android App Required

No App Required

Manage your inventory via a secure user-friendly web-based interface, using your phone, tablet, or computer.
Unlimited Photos

Unlimited Photos

Post unlimited, fast-loading, high-resolution photos to accompany your listing.
Detailed Auto-Fill Specifications

Detailed Auto-Fill Specifications

Quickly add and select details related to your inventory items with our auto-complete functionality.
Export API

Sync Your Inventory

Keep your inventory up-to-date on other platforms without double entry by using one of our existing daily feeds or we're always building new ones.
Detailed Specifications

Detailed Specifications

Hundreds of specification fields, custom fields, custom titles, and descriptions, keep you in control.
Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Use custom fields to track data specific to your organization's inventory.
Powerful Search

Powerful Search

Quickly search by stock, serial, part, cast number, VIN, year, make, model, fits to, category, location, and more.
Lot Location

Lot Location

Track exactly where parts, attachments, and other items are located to save you time and money.

Your Inventory, Your Way

Our advance inventory system includes the tools you need to manage and sell your inventory all from the same easy-to-use dashboard.
Flexible customizable fields keep you in control
Detailed item analytics and performance metrics
Quickly search your inventory in milliseconds
Manage inventory across multiple geographic locations
Edit Inventory Asset Details Screenshot

Sync Your Inventory Anywhere

Having to enter your inventory into multiple systems, while trying to keep it in sync, is both time consuming and inefficient. We have the platform and processes in place to eliminate double-entry and can make your inventory accessible to anyone, in a modern, complete format.
  • Automatically sync and make your inventory accessible to other marketplaces or systems with the many daily feeds we already have in place.
  • Unlike other inventory management systems or dealer website providers, we syndicate all the details of your inventory, including specifications, images, etc.
  • We're continually working with new platforms and do not charge for syndicating inventory.
  • If you have a My Little Salesman-built dealer website, any changes you make to your inventory are instantly reflected on your website.
Sync Your Inventory

Advanced management features

At My Little Salesman we pride ourselves in working alongside our customers to create the tools and systems that they need to succeed.
Our inventory management system was designed alongside truck, trailer, heavy equipment, and parts dealers so you can quickly and easily operate your business online.
Clear, Easy-to-Use, Simple Navigation

Clear, Simple Navigation

Details, specifications, notes, and everything else in one simple place.
Powerful Inventory Search Capabilities

Quickly Search Inventory

Instantly search thousands of items to find the equipment you’re looking for with powerful search ability.
Advanced Filter Functionality

Advanced Filter Functionality

Filter your inventory using whatever criteria you choose to quickly access specific groups of items.
Unique Inventory Stock Identifiers

Unique MLS Numbers

Quickly search, browse and reference your inventory with My Little Salesman’s always-unique inventory id number
Product Images and Videos

Add Product Images & Videos

Add product images & videos to highlight the quality of your equipment. Protect your images with our easy-to-use watermarking.
Advanced Inventory Analytics Metrics

Extensive Analytics

Know exactly how each segment of your inventory is performing with detailed analytics.

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