All-In-One Dealer Management System (DMS)

Dealership Drive is your modern, easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that intelligently brings it all together--inventory, contacts, leads, sales, paperwork, while also providing your inventory marketing exposure so you make more sales. Don't spend more money elsewhere for less value. Commercial truck, trailer, and construction equipment dealers leverage our equipment dealer software to increase the productivity and efficiency of their business, keep inventory, contacts, and paperwork in a central location, and generate more sales via our marketplace.
Dealer Management Software

One powerful suite of tools to maximize your dealership.

We've worked with dealers, manufacturers, and auctioneers to build the industry-specific software and tools they need to maximize the profitability and efficiency of their business. That includes agriculture and construction equipment dealers, commercial truck and trailer dealers, and parts dealers.

Other systems aren't built for the equipment or commercial truck industry, or can be overly complex, which leads to underutilization, abandonment, and wasted money. Other approaches entail bouncing from one website or system to another, each providing their own piece of functionality, which takes exponentially more time and lacks consistency. Our comprehensive dealer management system brings everything together, in a simple-to-use system, so you don't have a major adoption mountain to climb.

And just like our system was built on the input from our customers, it continually evolves and improves from new and ongoing feedback. We're always listening and improving, while delivering value that simply can't be matched.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Easy-to-use cloud-based inventory management.
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Contact Relationship Management
Customers, vendors, prospects, and correspondence in one place.
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Lead Management
Lead Management
Know what marketing works and gain insights to optimize sales.
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Sales and Invoicing Software
Invoicing & Sales Management
Spend more time making sales and less time doing paperwork.
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Dealership Websites
Dealership Websites
Websites for commercial truck, trailer, heavy equipment, and parts dealers.
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The marketing solution to reach hundreds of thousands of buyers.
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Inventory Management

Quickly and easily manage all of your inventory, including images, specifications, purchase history, reconditioning costs, sale details, notes, and files via phone, tablet, or desktop, in one central location. Whether it's thousands of truck parts or a sales lot of machinery and equipment, we make inventory management easy. Learn more
Track sales history
Centralized team notes
Detailed reporting
No app required
Track associated costs
Detailed specifications
Custom fields
Export API
Inventory Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage all of your customers, vendors, prospects, and correspondence in one place, accessible on any type of device. One central location where your sales team and staff can manage customer relationships, segment and categorize contacts, view phone and email activity, manage notes and sales history, schedule upcoming tasks, and remarket to customers. Learn more
Unlimited contacts & organizations
Contact-inventory integration
Automated email & call association
Custom tagging
Notes, tasks & email reminders
Track purchase & sales history
Aggregated account view
Powerful search
Contact Management Software

What our customers are saying

"I don’t recall being so impressed with a company and staff than My Little Salesman, and I’ve been at this for 45 years, so that says a lot. Some time back while shopping for a new hosting company, I spoke with Curtis at MLS who responded like lightning to all my needs and now with MLS, truck and equipment sellers can host their companies and manage their businesses, close sales and print documents in a fraction of the time all from any computer. The labor savings is huge. As with everything they do, the website they built is as good as I’ve ever seen, much less ever had. We love being hosted with MLS. Thank you all!"

Gary Sorrells
5-star reviews

Lead Management

Centralize your leads into one real-time dashboard to understand what marketing channels, from websites to print to social media, provide the best return on investment. One powerful customer acquisition management system at your fingertips, which intelligently connects your inventory, contacts, and marketing leads. Learn more
Instant toll-free number provisioning
Call recording
Advanced call routing
Text messages fully supported
Third-party email lead import
Lead attribution
Intelligent contact association
Inventory integration
Lead Management

Invoicing & Sales Management

Handle deals like a pro with My Little Salesman's dealer desking software, built specifically for construction and heavy equipment dealers, commercial truck and trailer dealers, and parts dealers. Get deal paperwork out the door in minutes, rather than hours, with integrated contact and inventory management, detailed deal structures including city and state tax calculations, trade-ins, warranties, addons, fees, and more. Auto-populated professional forms are generated and ready to be sent and signed by the customer. Spend more time making sales and less time doing paperwork. Learn more
Contact-inventory-sale integration
Advanced sale structure breakdowns
Auto-populated form generation
Secure document & file storage
Detailed profit analysis
Tax, trade-in, warranty calcuations
Payment history tracking
Automatic commission calculations
Contact Management Software
Integrated Dealer Management Technology

Integrated Technology

All of our solutions are integrated into one another to ensure that all of your efforts are coordinated and working together in one easy-to-use interface.
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Dealership Websites

You need a best-in-class, user-friendly and functional dealer website, which generates leads and sales for you. That is our specialty.

We build search-engine optimized, feature-rich, mobile-responsive, HTTPS/SSL secured, dealership websites, built to drive people to you from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With a focus on user-friendliness and SEO, our websites are searchable, filterable, with categories and inventory on your website. Learn more
Custom website design
Search-engine optimized (SEO)
Mobile-first development
Advanced search and filters
Shopping cart functionality
Email / share listing functionality
Export your inventory elsewhere
Transparent lead attribution
No contract
SSL certificate included
Lead Management

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