Commercial Truck Financing and Leasing

Find financing and leasing solutions to help you acquire the trucks or trailers your company needs.

Semi Truck

Are you shopping for a financing or leasing company to grow your fleet, replace a truck, or start your business? Take a look at our guides and review our list of companies specializing in commercial vehicles to determine the best lender, with the right rate and options, to meet your requirements and budget.

Financing and Leasing Companies

From semi trucks to dump, mixer, and crane trucks, find the best financing or leasing option to partner with you.


Currency Capital

Through Express Finance, by Currency Capital, buyers are able to connect with an expansive network of lenders who provide funds at competitive rates. It simplifies and expedites financing for both asset and working capital to help buyers invest—whether that’s in equipment, or in growing their operations for the long haul.

Why choose Express?
  • Fast and easy - Express is the fastest, simplest, and most reliable way to access machinery financing & working capital. Express Finance delivers funds to most borrowers in under three days!
  • Accessible - Express is available through any internet enabled device and is as easy to use from a mobile phone as it is from a PC. The Express Finance team is also just a phone call away at (844) 292-2279.
  • Competitive - Express Finance collects the information needed (and only the information needed) in a simple, streamlined format, then quickly compares the borrower’s credit profile to over 40 different credit boxes to find the best machinery financing or working capital deal.
  • Reliable - Express is a trusted finance partner of My Little Salesman, and has financed over $700 million for businesses across the United States.
  • Streamline sales - Express Finance helps sellers eliminate financing as an obstacle to the sale. The platform’s easy access and user-friendly technology are backed by a service team that works quickly to get buyers financed.
  • Increase profits - Simple, competitive working capital leads to faster and more successful transactions.