Lead Management

Are you spending time every day jumping around and gathering your leads on multiple websites or marketplaces? With DealershipDrive.com, put that time to better use and aggregate your leads into one real-time lead inbox and dashboard to understand what marketing channels, from websites to magazines, provide the best return on investment. One powerful customer acquisition management system at your fingertips, which intelligently connects your inventory, contacts, and marketing leads.
Lead Management Software

Know what marketing works.

With automatic email lead import, and phone number provisioning, you can manage inbound communications from one dashboard. Our lead IQ automatically associates incoming calls, emails, and text messages with your contacts and inventory, so your team has all the information to sell smarter, better, and faster. Gain insights into the calls that take place and the calls that are missed, so that you can optimize your sales pipeline.
Setup Phone Numbers Instantly

Instant Toll-Free Number Provisioning

Instantly provision new phone numbers for new marketing channels.
Track Sales History

One Dashboard

Stop checking various platforms to aggregate and decipher your return on investment, when you can have all your calls, texts, and email leads in one central location.
CRM Integration

Contact Integration

Incoming calls, emails, and text messages are automatically associated with existing contacts. Quickly create new contacts from leads and assign them to your team members.
Email Alerts

Email Alerts

Receive regular recaps on the performance of your various marketing channels.
Lead Attribution

Lead Attribution

From imported email leads to phone calls, you know what sources are driving the most leads, spam, or nothing at all.
Prevent Missed Sale Opportunities

Prevent Missed Opportunities

Get the phone number and time of any missed calls to do follow-ups, or setup off-hours phone numbers to prevent lost sales.
Call Coaching

Call Coaching

Revisit recorded calls to ensure wait times are short, callers are receiving the best service, and your team members are communicating effectively, to make every call count.
Advanced Call Routing

Advanced Call Routing

Have provisioned phone numbers dial multiple numbers simultaneously, route text messages to different numbers than phone calls, and setup different numbers for off-hours.

Manage Your Leads

Our advanced lead management system is designed to help you track all of your leads together in single, easy-to-use dashboard.
One centralized dashboard for all marketing channels
Intelligent contact and inventory integration
Quickly filter and assign leads
Create custom leads from offline activities
Lead Management Dashboard Screenshot

Advanced management features

At My Little Salesman we pride ourselves in working alongside our customers to create the tools and systems that they need to succeed.
Our lead management system was designed alongside truck, trailer, heavy equipment, and parts dealers so you can quickly and easily operate your business online.
Lead Association

Lead Association

Incoming calls, emails, and text messages are automatically associated with existing contacts and listings.
Multi-Channel Lead Dashboard

Multi-Channel Dashboard

No matter whether a phone call, text message, or email, view all lead channels in one easy-to-navigate dashboard.
Lead Attribution Reporting

Lead Attribution Reporting

Know what marketing channels are generating leads, broken out by phone calls, emails, and text messages.
Listing and Contact Notes

Quick Notes Access

Keep your team on the same page with contact and inventory notes. Track contact preferences, past communications, need-to-know info, and more.
Call Review

Call Review

Listen to recorded calls for details you may have missed, improve customer service, or quickly bring the entire team up to speed. The possibilities are endless.
Advanced Lead Filtering Functionality

Advanced Filter Functionality

Spend less time scrolling. Filter your leads by type, listing, status, source and more to quickly access the leads you are looking for.

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