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2016 Komatsu PC210LC with Waratah 622b
$262,500 USD
Complete uptime hose and part kit for 622b 360. Sure Grip Controls.Auxiliary Oil cooler.Great machine. Call or text for more info.
Usage3,300 Hours
MLS Number9355098
LocationHayden, Idaho, US
Listed byLHT LLC
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2008 John Deere 759J Feller Buncher
$111,500 USD
2008 deere 759J buncher. Gilbert 3022 high rotation head. Near new undercarriage. Call or text for more info.
Usage8,500 Hours
MLS Number9630681
LocationSpirit Lake, Idaho, US
Listed byLHT LLC
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2017 Doosan DX225LL Log Loader
$212,500 USD
Doosan log loader with rotobec grapple. Near new condition.
Usage1,690 Hours
MLS Number9631391
LocationSpirit Lake, Idaho, US
Listed byLHT LLC
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1997 Kenworth W900  Short Logger
$56,500 USD
18 speed, cat 3406e, new in the last year transmission, radiator, fan,clutch, Vulcan scales etc..
MLS Number9631792
LocationSpirit Lake, Idaho, US
Listed byLHT LLC
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2015 Caterpillar 525D Skidder
$140,000 USD
Usage3,772 Hours
Stock NumberX672731
MLS Number9394408
LocationFlagstaff, Arizona, US
Listed byRDO Equipment Co.
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2013 Tigercat LX830C Feller Buncher
$350,000 USD
2013 Tigercat LX830C One Operator has ran this machine since new It has a total of 6300 hours on it. New Engine 2,000 hours ago. Gearbox rebuilt 2000 hours ago. Synthetic Oil always....
Usage6,300 Hours
MLS Number9643240
LocationGypsum, Colorado, US
Listed byClearwater Ventures LLC
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2015 Doosan DX225LL Logging Processor
$249,000 USD
2015 Doosan DX225LL with Waratah 622C 4X4 Head. Head was new with machine. Machine is in excellent Condition. Like New. Please call Tanner at 970-712-8240
Usage3,996 Hours
MLS Number9643230
LocationGypsum, Colorado, US
Listed byClearwater Ventures LLC
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1979 Caterpillar 992 Log Loader with Forks
$35,000 USD
Full Bite forks and clamp for unloading in one pass, Tires at 60%, Engine and Hydraulics are strong, All offers considered, Please call Tanner at 970-712-8240
MLS Number9467171
LocationGypsum, Colorado, US
Listed byClearwater Ventures LLC
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2006 Case CX240 Logging Processor with Log Max 7000XT Processor
$125,000 USD
2013 Log Max 7000XT Processing Head, Appox. 4500 hours on Log Max Head, Oil samples done and up to spec, Undercarriage appox. 50% 36" pads, Forestry Guard Package, All offers...
Usage8,200 Hours
MLS Number9467168
LocationGypsum, Colorado, US
Listed byClearwater Ventures LLC
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2001 Caterpillar 525B Skidder
$65,000 USD
2001 Cat 525B wheel skidded One owner well taken care of ready for work. New tires 95% wear, extra wheel, set of chains, all original books, 12,000 hours. $65,000.00, Call Sue 541...
MLS Number9643195
LocationCottage Grove, Oregon, US
Listed byMoon Light Timber LLC
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1997 Thunderbird 1240 Logging Processor with Keto 1000 Super Processor
$85,000 USD
1240 Thunderbird processor with Keto 1000 super. The undercarriage and Cat 3360 engine are in good condition. Processor computer has been updated. Miscellaneous parts are included. We are...
MLS Number9639103
LocationPortland, Oregon, US
Listed byOverpeck Logging
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1996 Thunderbird 1240 Log Loader with Grapple
$50,000 USD
1240 Thunderbird log loader with Thunderbird grapples. Runs good! Recent work on CAT 3306 engine and undercarriage; pumps have been rebuilt. Miscellaneous parts included. We also have a...
Engine ModelCaterpillar 3306
MLS Number9639104
LocationPortland, Oregon, US
Listed byOverpeck Logging
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Caterpillar 574 Forwarder
$159,500 USD
Usage10,543 Hours
MLS Number9637215
LocationEnroute, Michigan, US
Listed byMichigan CAT
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Caterpillar 521B Feller Buncher
$231,900 USD
Usage8,258 Hours
MLS Number9637214
LocationEnroute, Michigan, US
Listed byMichigan CAT
Featured Item
Caterpillar 573C Feller Buncher
$222,900 USD
Usage2,994 Hours
MLS Number9637213
LocationEnroute, Michigan, US
Listed byMichigan CAT
Featured Item
2015 Komatsu XT460L-3 Feller Buncher with Quadco 24B Felling Head
$290,000 USD
Currently cutting trees, owner operator machine, maintained well. New travel pumps, new swing box, and new swing motor. In very good condition, no dents. Updating to new machine. Call Adam...
Usage5,150 Hours
MLS Number9622112
LocationElma, Washington, US
Listed byFuller Creek Enterprises LLC
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2003 Caterpillar 322BLL Logging Processor
$165,000 USD
2003 322BLL serial #1YS01602 with 2006 622B Wartah, serial #622-551. Excellent condition. Hydraulic system and pump gone thru recently. Wartah head just serviced and repaired and ready for...
MLS Number9625349
LocationPollock Pines, California, US
Listed byDan Arens & Son
Featured Item
Link-Belt 3400 Yarder
$57,000 USD
3400 on a 5300 undercarriage 80%, Two speed pull masters, Christie carriage, two bugs, dead batteries? They will not charge. 3 months on rebuild in frame works as it should woods ready (406...
Usage10,000 Hours
MLS Number9631796
LocationEatonville, Washington, US
Listed byTNT Property Preservation
Featured Item
John Deere 640 Skidder with John Deere Winch
$18,000 USD
Jd 640 line skidder, with tilt blade, call Bret 5599083088 located in North Fork CA
MLS Number9622987
LocationNorth Fork, California, US
Listed byWillis Logging
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2011 Western Star 4900SA Log Truck + 2001 Lincoln Log Trailer + 2009 Pederson-built Pup Trailer
$85,000 USD
2011 Western Star 4900SA log truck with Detroit DD15 560 hp, RTLO18918B, MFS-14-143A front axle, RT40-160P rear axle with rear locker, 3.91 ratio, Chalmers susp, 260" wb, Hendrickson lift...
Usage456,000 Miles
Horse Power560 HP
Engine ModelDetroit DD15
Rear AxleTri Axle
MLS Number9584488
LocationEverson, Washington, US
Listed byALRT CORP
Featured Item
2006 Madill T2250 B Feller Buncher
$165,000 USD
2006 Madill T2250 B, 7,000 hrs on new motor, pumps, cylinders, etc New u/c. Nice working machine everything works!, ....$165,000.00 Call Tyler 541-580-1055
MLS Number9582851
LocationRoseburg, Oregon, US
Listed byTyler Picknell
Caterpillar Log Grapple for D5H, D5H TSK
$5,500 USD
Cat D5HTSk Grapple Complete With Mount, Cylinders, Control Handle, And Grapple Head,
Fits To Model(s)D5H, D5H TSK
MLS Number9662790
Location100 Mile House, British Columbia, CA
Listed byWyatt's Used Equipment Sales
Tigercat 620E Skidder

2015 Tigercat 620E Skidder

Call for price
6.7 TIER 4, DA/17/14 BOLT AXLES, 30.5X32 2@ 40% 2@50%, HOURS: 7217,
Usage7,217 Hours
Horse Power220 HP
Engine ModelTigercat 6.7 TIER 4
Stock Number1833370
MLS Number9594924
LocationPolkton, North Carolina, US
Listed byTidewater Equipment Company
Tigercat 720E Feller Buncher
Call for price
CUMMINS TIER III, 5500/37 R AXLES, 30.5X32 3@50% 1@80%, HOURS: 7949,
Usage7,949 Hours
Horse Power190 HP
Engine ModelCummins TIER III
Emission RatingTier III
Stock Number1830371
MLS Number9594906
LocationPolkton, North Carolina, US
Listed byTidewater Equipment Company
Tigercat 620E Skidder

2015 Tigercat 620E Skidder

Call for price
FPT, 15-0338/EHS TRANSMISSION, 30.5S FRONT 70%/30% REAR 50%, HOURS: 5138,
Usage5,138 Hours
Horse Power220 HP
Engine ModelFPT
Stock Number1827170
MLS Number9594894
LocationWalterboro, South Carolina, US
Listed byTidewater Equipment Company
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Forest Logging Machines to Cut Down Trees

Logging and forestry equipment is designed with extra safety precautions to protect the operator from falling objects, breaking cables and tree limbs. Both logging and forestry machines usually have raised cabs to provide plenty of clearance when moving over the forest floor and additional windows for increased visibility. The chassis has been reinforced to accommodate extra-heavy loads.

Forestry Logging Machine

Examples of forestry and logging equipment include:

  • Feller Bunchers
  • Skidders
  • Forwarders
  • Logging trucks
  • Delimbers
  • Harvesters
  • Processors
  • Yarders

My Little Salesman lists tracked and wheeled logging and forestry machines that can reliably organize, transport and process saw logs, full trees, pulpwood, fuelwood and other various forest materials. Whether you are thinning, clearcutting, or operating in the forest for any other reason, you can always rely on our expert listings at My Little Salesman for your logging and forestry equipment needs.

Choosing the Right Forestry & Logging Equipment for Sale

There are many different logging and forestry machines to choose from, but keep these factors in mind:

  • Forest Characteristics – The forest itself will largely determine your equipment . . .
    • Stand Density – This is how many trees are growing together in a given area. Some machines are slower and work better in denser forests, and other machines can speedily get from place to place in forests with low density levels.
    • Tree Size – Larger trees are going to require larger equipment for processing and transporting.
    • Soil Condition – Loose soil and mud means that tracked machines are required. However, tracked machines cause more soil displacement than wheeled ones.
    • Slopes – Tracked machines are much more effective at traversing slopes than wheeled machines, though extremely steep slopes will cause an engine to fail no matter what and may require cable yarders instead.
  • Footprint – Lighter equipment will cause less damage to the forest floor. When logging, forwarders cause less damage because they completely lift the log off the ground (unlike skidders, which drag the logs across the forest floor).
  • Heavy Duty Chassis Type – This base frame will determine the type of machine you are operating.
    • Swing Machines – Otherwise known as an “excavator base”, the chassis is mounted to a rotating bearing and gear, and contains an engine, cab and boom arm. This allows for full 360-degree maneuverability. In addition, zero tail-swing keeps the machine from making contact with other trees nearby.
    • Articulated Chassis – The chassis has a flexible joint that allows it to bend in the middle for easily navigating dense forests. This design is popular for wheeled drive loaders, skidders, harvesters, forwarders, wheeled feller bunchers and clambunk skidders because it gives increased maneuverability and a tighter turning radius.
    • Crawler Chassis – This tracked design puts the cab and the engine in the center of the frame in between the tracks, giving them a low center of gravity for added stability when navigating extremely steep slopes.

When Buying Used Forestry Logging Equipment

Be sure to check for any excessive dents, welds or cracks – especially in the boom arm (if applicable). Try to match the wear-and-tear with the paperwork, if possible, and see if the odometer accurately reflects the amount of use put on the equipment.