"1st day of publication a buyer purchased the [Caterpillar] D8H [dozer]. It went on a lowboy this AM. Please remove adv. from internet and other publications. Well done!"
- Greg L. Hinton
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Targeted Circulation
Targeted Circulation
Qualified through previous purchasing history, trade show attendance, and multi-year & seasonal changes, we're tailoring our distribution and marketing efforts to the most active buyers in the industry.
Multiple Solutions
Multiple Solutions
Our advertising solutions can meet the range of needs from large dealers to individual sellers. Our print and online offerings can be tailored to meet your needs.
No Contracts
No Contracts
We believe that results are all that you need to keep a customer. It has worked for us since our beginning, so we don’t want to change now.
Loyal Customer Base
Loyal Customer Base
In over 58 years of business we’ve gained a loyal following. We’re proud to say we have many customers who’ve been with us for nearly the entire time.
Strongest Value
Strongest Value
Our reputation is true: we deliver buyers. We focus on actual buyers. So when the phone rings or your email dings, its money trying to get to you.
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Truck & Trailer and Heavy Equipment Catalogs
Truck & Trailer and Heavy Equipment Catalogs Our design professionals will work for you to create an eye-catching, dimensional ad to showcase your products and services while enhancing your brand. We take pride in the reading experience, which is why we offer four-color on all ads for no extra fee and print on premium, glossy paper.

Both Truck & Trailer and Heavy Equipment are national publications and mailed into all 50 states. The catalogs are also available at major industry trade shows throughout the year and in select truck and repair shops.

All ads in the print edition of My Little Salesman Truck & Trailer and Heavy Equipment appear in the digital versions available on www.mylittlesalesman.com.
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MyLittleSalesman.com is one of the most trusted marketplaces for buyers of trucks, trailers, heavy machinery, parts, and attachments. MyLittleSalesman.com is 100% online and "in the browser", so there's nothing that users need to download, install, program or maintain to find your equipment for sale or for rent.

The Truck and Equipment buyer is constantly looking for parts and equipment while in the office, on the job site, at the auction and even at home. Our flexible and responsive web technology, refined over a decade, is the same on any platform--office computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. No matter what type of device your buyer uses, they will receive the same features, same functionality, same familiar best-in-class user experience designed to drive them to your listings.

One site, one set of tools, one name: MyLittleSalesman.com.

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List your equipment online with My Little Salesman.Buyers benefit from smart categories and an all-inclusive search engine. With unlimited, high-resolution photos that load quickly and easy-to-find contact information, buyers can contact you immediately. Starting at just $19.95

Targeted Banner Ads

Banner ads give you real estate on our website to customize your message. Positions within each industry (Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Trailers, Parts & Attachments), Category (e.g. Excavators, Convention Trucks, Lowboy Trailers), and Manufacturers. dependent upon availability.

Responsive Web Design

Grow your business with a responsive website that looks great across all browsers! My Little Salesman offers design, hosting, email, and inventory management solutions. Visit the links below for our portfolio:

Crowley Equipment | Bulk Transportation Services

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Broadcast your message to My Little Salesman customers who've elected to receive marketing messages from our partners! Price includes design.