Welcome to our website! My name is David Cronk. I have been involved in heavy duty truck repair since 1976 when we opened our family-owned business, Goshen Diesel Service, in Torrington, Wyoming. Heavy duty truck repair offers many challenges, but one that always really troubled me was the idea of getting clutch assemblies from the floor to the flywheel in a reasonable manner. Heavy duty tools like floor jack caddies offered by the tool people just don’t cut it. They require complete removal of the transmission from under the truck, which can add hours of labor time to the job. After struggling with too many of these heavy clutch assemblies for too many years, the idea finally came to me for a clutch jack that is simple, durable, easy to use, and does not require any floor space. Visit the rest of our site to learn just how THE CLUTCH JOB can begin to save you and your business time and energy!