Standlee's long-standing passion and commitment to producing and manufacturing the highest quality, natural forage products available, with nationwide distribution through retail dealers, positions the company as the industry's leader. Western Forage Advantage Geography, climate and nutrient-rich soils work together in Idaho and nearby western states to produce the nation's best growing and drying conditions for forages. Optimum nutritional components are found in the region's rich grass forages, while horse owners have long valued the small stems and lush leaves of western alfalfa. Commitment to Quality Quality is evident in our products and in the way we do business. After all, our family name is on every package and has been for three generations. Our natural, premium western forage products are guaranteed, and backed by our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. World Wide Network Standlee has the capability to distribute its forage products well beyond North America. Our specially-designed packaging, plus the use of natural, properly-cured forage, assures our products arrive in excellent condition, maintaining high nutritional value and palatability. Logistics The Standlee logistics team has perfected the best ways to ship Premium Western Forages, from container loads of cubes, pellets and bales of forage destined to international ports to pallets of bagged and bale products selected by retail dealers across the United States. Standlee can ship products via truck, rail and hub, providing the right resources to meet our customer's needs.