BLUELINE Enterprises, Inc.

4751 Hayfield Draw
Camp Verde, AZ 86322
United States
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BLUELINE Enterprises, Inc. was started by Dale Dees to answer the problems faced by static grizzly users, who needed to separate rock materials in the most efficient way possible.. Dale could see the flaws in existing rock-screening technology. Existing static rock screens on the market: Clogged easily and required manual removal of these clogs. Not only was this a waste of man-power and equipment time, but it was unsafe for the operator. Can you say “Tractor Attack” to clean out a plugged up screen. Or, Get a hammer to hammer out stuck rocks. A major safety issue.The industry has tolerated aggravating substandard designs for far to long. The BLUELINE Shift Deck Grizzly is self cleaning and is in a class all its’ own. Didn’t stand up to the rigors of the job. Screens once plugged up, often suffered bent or broken bars that required costly replacement and down-time. Were difficult to transport and move around on the job site. With a lot of engineering, experimentation and testing, BLUELINE solved all these problems. The advances made by the BLUELINE Rock Grizzly guarantees our customers satisfaction in terms of increased production, safe and efficient use of manpower, decreased downtime and survivability and service life of the machine. The BLUELINE Rock Grizzly is a combination of exclusive design features, quality materials, and manufacturing excellence, to meet the demanding needs of the construction and mining industries.

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