First Truck Parts

106 Hill Street
Candler, NC 28715
United States
(855) 571-3108
Company Info
First Truck Parts is a supplier
of spare parts for heavy trucks and trailers.
The company (First Truck Parts) was founded by four brothers in 2015. The online store was developed and launched in 2018.
The priority of our company has always been, above all, the execution of the order at the highest level since we understand the cost of wasting time for all drivers of heavy vehicles, as well as for our partners who have a large number of commercial trucks.

Why do our customers stay with us?

"First truck parts" is primarily a monolithic team. Each team member does their job at the highest level, and our employees rarely make mistakes since we have a unique internal system of rewarding those who do their job effectively.

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Radios (2)
Cables (2)
Clamps (7)
Coils (1)
Fans (11)
Filters (12)
Fluids (2)
Gauges (3)
Gears (19)
Hubs (4)
Knobs (1)
Liners (1)
Nuts (1)
Plugs (2)
Relays (1)
Rotors (2)
Seals (2)
Shafts (3)
Shims (1)
Valves (109)

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