Bronto Skylift


47 Taft Vineland Rd
Orlando, FL 32824
United States
Office: 1-352-427-4935

Company Info

Bronto Skylift is the global manufacturer of truck mounted hydraulic platforms. They design, manufacture, sell, and service a product range that includes roughly 50 models between with a range of 17 to 112 meters working-height for rescue and firefighting as well as for construction work.

The headquarters and production plants for Bronto Skylift Oy are situated in Finland. They also have subsidiaries in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

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Bronto Skylift in the News

The Bronto Skylift SI 219 HDT-C shown at ICUEE is a telescoping insulated aerial device rated to 765kV that features a whopping 219-foot (67m) working height with 89-feet (27m) of horizontal outreach and up to 1,000-pounds (454kg) capacity in the spacious 7-foot platform.
August 18, 2017