Farm Equipment

When do You Need Farm Equipment?

Heavy farm equipment is designed for a wide variety of farm-specific tasks such as planting, harvesting and stockpiling crops as well as fertilizing and watering fields, feeding livestock, baling hale and more. As more technology becomes readily available, virtually every modern pasture or field needs heavy farm equipment to stay competitive and productive.

The Many Different Types of Farming Equipment

This basic list of farming equipment will help get you started with your next selection:

  • Sprayers – Self-propelled or towed, heavy duty sprayers will keep your crops well-watered and fully utilizing pesticides.
  • Spreaders – Keep your fields fertile by spreading mulch, manure and other growth-enhancing materials with heavy duty spreaders.
  • Combines – Combine harvesters can thresh (cut) the crop and strip away the husk, seeds and other inedible portions, usually by way of a conveyor-like belt that vibrates.
  • Grain Trucks – This truck is made to haul lightweight crops (like corn and soybeans) to market with minimum spillage and waste.
  • Tractors – Tractors are used to tow farm equipment and trailers, and are therefore used for planting, plowing, tilling, and many other tasks.
  • Seeders – Used to evenly distribute rows of seeds to plant cotton, vegetables and other essential crops.
  • Air Drills – Can be used for seeding, but also has manure spreading applications as well.
  • Grain Hopper Trailer – A specific type of trailer with a “trap” that’s designed to load and unload grains and other bulk commodities with minimum loss.

Find Heavy Farm Equipment with My Little Salesman

As a trusted provider of farm equipment, My Little Salesman conveniently lists heavy duty farm equipment that’s designed to enhance the productivity and sustainability of crops and livestock alike. Choose from any of the above categories to find farming equipment that will benefit you both and for many more seasons to come!