When Do You Need Logging Equipment?

Forestry equipment (logging equipment) is needed for felling, processing and extracting trees. “Full-tree” logging equipment – such as skidders, forwarders and feller bunchers – removes the entire tree from the trunk up. “Cut-to-length” logging equipment like harvesters, delimbers and processor machines are used to saw down and delimb a tree to specifications, leaving only a stump behind.

Common Types of Logging Equipment

Different types of logging equipment work best under different forest conditions:

  • Skidders – Skidders can remove trees using a grapple or cables. They are ideal for less dense forests due to a large footprint.
  • Forwarders – Also used for removing trees, but leaves a smaller footprint because the logs are kept off the ground, making them better for delicate forest operations.
  • Log Loaders – Used to organize and load processed logs using a knuckleboom, grapple or forks.
  • Feller Bunchers – Sharp shearing blades cut down trees (or push them over), and a boom organizes and piles them for later transportation.
  • Delimbers – Often used in conjunction with a chipper, delimbers strip tree limbs for easy transportation and processing.

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