When do You Need Heavy Haul Trailers?

Heavy hauling trailers are needed to transport large quantities of goods, hazardous materials or heavy equipment across any distance. Heavy haul trailers are made from aluminum or steel to withstand extremely heavy loads. Steel trailers are more durable than aluminum trailers and give off highway trucks a smoother ride, but they are less flexible and susceptible to corrosion and rust.

Different Types of Trailers

The trailers listed above are meant for general hauling, such as flatbed, utility, and dry van trailers, as well as specialized heavy haul trucking purposes:

  • Drop deck trailers and lowboy trailers both have lower decks that are specially made to safely haul oversized equipment. Lowboy trailers are lower than drop deck trailers, and are reserved for the tallest and bulkiest pieces of heavy equipment.
  • End dump trailers unload their contents from the rear by elevating the trailer up to 45 degrees.
  • Side dump trailers unload their contents from the side, which is convenient in small job sites.
  • Bottom dump trailers (belly dump trailers) unload from the underside for spreading aggregate materials such as mulch and gravel.
  • Specialized trailers are used to transport hazardous materials such as propane, hot oil, acids and other potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • Horse trailers generally look nicer on the outside than basic livestock trailers, have more standing room, and are often partitioned into separate pens.

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