When do You Need A Commercial Truck?

You’ll need commercial trucks for hauling cargo, transporting personnel, and for special purposes such as waste management or utility repairs and maintenance. Commercial trucks can be equipped with buckets or platforms for lifting maintenance workers to high-clearance areas, specially insulated to protect workers from electrical shocks, and otherwise outfitted to perform additional tasks such as cement mixing and pouring.

Different Types of Commercial Trucks

A commercial truck simply means any truck that’s used for transporting material goods, equipment, waste or crew members. Semi trucks are primarily used to haul goods and equipment across long distances (day cabs are used for short routes and sleeper trucks are used for routes that take longer than a day), special trucks include ready mix trucks for handling cement mix and water trucks for transporting drinking water and other fluids, logging trucks are meant to haul heavy log loads, and boom trucks either come with a crane, a bucket or a platform for moving materials or workers as needed.

Find the Best Commercial Trucks With My Little Salesman

My Little Salesman lists commercial trucks that can get the job done safely and ahead of schedule. Above you will find categories that include trucks for hauling as well as special trucks for transporting industry-specific materials, waste management and more. Whether you are moving workers, cargo or hazardous wastes, simply select the type of commercial truck that pertains to your industry and start browsing today!