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Case IH designs and manufactures agricultural equipment for producers around the globe. With headquarters in the United States, Case IH has a network of more than 4,900 dealers and distributors that operates in over 160 countries. Some of the farm machinery that Case IH produces includes tractors, combines, sprayers, windrowers, planting and seeding equipment, application equipment, harvesting equipment, tillage equipment, hay and forage equipment, utility vehicles, loaders and attachments.

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Case IH in the News

Case IH has some impressive new upgrades for their Case IH Model Year 2019 disc mower conditioners, allowing for a maximized haying window. More efficiency is provided via the new quick-change knife system, which allows for fast blade replacement, decreasing maintenance time and increasing time spent in the field. Perfect for lower acreages and narrow gates, the new 9- and 10-foot side-pull models combine fast cutting with high-quality conditioning.
September 7, 2018

Cab comfort is what it’s all about with Case IH’s new smaller lineup of Farmall utility A series models. The 55A, 65A and 75A deliver strength and productivity, no matter the job or the weather. Filling out the Case IH entry-level Farmall lineup with both cab and non-cab options, these additions deliver the performance producers need without breaking the bank.
September 5, 2018

Case IH is proud to add to their already impressive series of Precision Disk air drills with their newest model, the Precision Disk 500DS. This double-shoot air drill allows producers to seed and fertilize simultaneously. Despite changing field conditions, occasionally narrowing planting windows, and unexpected market shifts, producers can rest assured that this one-pass solution model maximizes both productivity and savings.
September 4, 2018

Case IH is building on their existing seedbed sensing technology capabilities by adding AFS Soil Command agronomic control technology to their tillage lineup in order to help producers more precisely coordinate control of their tillage equipment from the comfort of the tractor’s cab.The tech is meant to optimize every pass for an agronomic seedbed, using the AFS, or Advanced Farming Systems. Benefitting from this tech will be the Tiger-Mate 255 field cultivator, the Ecolo‑Tiger 875 disk ripper, the single-fold True-Tandem disk harrows, and vertical tillage tools.
August 29, 2018

Case IH has recently added two new Miller Nitro series sprayers, designed for late-season crop fertility and protection applications, to their lineup of high-efficiency application solutions. The Miller Nitro 7370 and 7410 front boom models are ideal for custom applicators and growers who are looking for a highly efficient and productive high-clearance sprayer to meet their full season application needs, offering superior crop clearance, large tank capacities, and a number of front boom width options. The new models also feature a wide range of precision technology selections designed to enable custom applicators and growers to achieve the utmost efficiency and accuracy.
August 28, 2018

Case IH is excited to announce and reveal product updates for their Model Year 2019 Magnum line of tractors. Case is continuing to focus on boosting productivity and performance, while making improvements like adding high-speed track design, improving durability, and adding a warranty program and factory-fit telematics. They are also including an advanced subscription to Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Connect farm management system, which is a new 21-inch track option and factory-installed Goodyear® LSW® tire options, allowing producers to manage operational costs and increase uptime.
August 16, 2018

Case IH is stepping up their Steiger, Quadtrac, and Rowtrac tractor lineups by adding new features aimed at improving durability and performance. These new additions reinforce the series’ already proven performance and combine the best of the best to lead to more efficiency and lower costs. The new additions not only enhance design, such as with the new high-speed track design, but they also include industry-exclusive warranties as well.
August 14, 2018

Case IH is going retro by commemorating the rich legacy of their Axial-Flow combines with a brand new 50 series Axial-Flow combine lineup. Each model is outfitted with a special-edition 150 series combine featuring the memorable white cab top and tire rims reminiscent of the first models in 1977. In fact, each combine is designed with the International Harvester heritage styling, color schemes, and decals, while still living up to the latest in harvest advancements, giving producers more grain in their tanks in addition to all that nostalgia.
July 30, 2018

Case IH has unveiled their most recent addition to their 2000 Early Riser planter series, the 2130 stack-fold mounted 3-point hitch model, which is available in five configurations and includes 12-row 30-, 36-, 38- or 40-inch row spacing configurations and 16-row 30-inch row spacing configurations. This model has been rebuilt from the ground up with features like a rugged row unit, Precision Planting technology, and convenient bulk-fill and fertilizer system options that provide accurate, high-speed planting. These new attributes contribute to enhancing productivity for all kinds of operations, including flood irrigation and high-tech strip-till, as well as specialty crops such as peanuts, dry edible beans, cotton, and corn.
June 29, 2018

Case IH has recently upped their game with new enhancements to their seeding equipment, meant to make the machines more efficient overall. Performance, precision, durability, and convenience are all key attributes that make this goal a reality, as well as the technology advancements that allow for adaptation to different soil conditions. The enhancements secure Case’s air seeding product line as the industry leader in both productivity and agronomics.
February 28, 2018

Case IH has been hard at work delving into the world of autonomy since the rollout of the concept of autonomous vehicles years ago. From thinking about the true definition of autonomy to realizing the impacts that it can have on the agriculture industry as a whole, Case is continually working to evolve the technology to best serve their customers all over the world. Now, in addition to defining five distinct categories of autonomy in order to compose a framework outlining the spectrum of automation, the company is piloting this new-age tech in real-life scenarios via their newly formed Autonomy and Automation Program.
February 17, 2018

AFS Soil Command helps producers measure and optimize the agronomic quality of their seedbed right from the tractor cab. This technology utilizes Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) components to maximize the agronomic benefits of each tillage pass, providing yield-enhancing information from below the soil surface in real time.
February 16, 2018

In terms of maximum efficiency, Case IH has delivered a truly revolutionary line of premium loaders with it’s L10 series. More efficient hydraulics and improved visibility make moving through all types of work easier and quicker. From material handling to livestock feeding, and everything in between, productivity is increased by improving on features like design and cycle times.
February 16, 2018

The Nutri-Placer 940 HSLD is Case IH’s newest addition to its fertilizer applicator family with the HSLD, or High-speed Low Disturbance row unit being a new option never offered before. Speed and efficiency are the name of the game here, with the Nutri-Placer 940 HSLD capable of minimal soil disturbance while still reaching speeds up to 11mph. That means that operators can cover up to 900 acres in a 12-hour day while still ensuring precise nutrient management.
February 15, 2018

Case IH has expanded the 4400 series corn headers lineup with all-new narrow row configuration options designed for enhanced grain savings. These new models are built to meet the needs of operations that plant on 20- and 22-inch rows and to match the performance of Axial-Flow combines.
February 14, 2018