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Combine Heads for Harvesting Crops

Shop a wide variety of combine heads for sale that can harvest everything from low-hanging soybeans to the tallest cornstalks around. Take a look at our listings and find the combine farm equipment you need to reap the final results of all your hard work.
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Shelbourne Reynolds CX60 Platform
6 0
Call for price
MLS Number10769020
LocationAlbany, OR, US
Listed byMorris Equipment
Claas Maxflex 1200 Platform
12 0
$39,500 USD
Claas MAXFLEX 1200, Laser Pilot, 40' Header, Super Low Acres, Good Condition,,
MLS Number10410177
LocationHastings, MN, US
Listed byD&T Equipment Sales Inc.
Mahindra 10 HD
5 0
$5,250 USD
Category 2 Drawbar Mount, 1 1/8” Drawbar Pin Diameter Shipping not included. Call for pricing!,
Stock Number1790
MLS Number10252898
LocationBardstown, KY, US
Listed byTeam Boone
2011 Geringhoff Rota Disc 1200B Corn Head
1 0
$29,000 USD
Very nice Geringhoff Rotadisc 12Row 20 inch
MLS Number10546905
LocationLake Benton, MN, US
Listed byHeartland HB
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Combine Farm Equipment (Combine Heads) For Sale

A combine harvests vital crops such a wheat, oats, rye, and barley, and the frontal portion – where the crop is physically pulled into the harvester – is called the combine header. Different combine headers can be swapped out for different kinds of crops.

The Different Types of Combine Heads for Sale

When it comes to collecting crops, there are four main types of combine farm equipment:
  • Grain Platform – This standard design is good with most crops. A reciprocating knife cutter bar works with a revolving wheel to cut the crop and drop it into the collecting tank.
  • Flex Platform – These combine heads for sale can harvest soybeans and other vegetables with low-hanging pods, along with “Cereal Crops” such as oats and barley.
  • Draper Headers – Primarily designed for wheat. Instead of a conventional cross auger spanning the width of the header, these headers have an apron that’s made from rubber or fabric for a more even feed.
    A non-rigid header means that the platform can flex to cover uneven ground and even smaller rocks.
  • Corn Head – These headers are specifically designed to strip the stalk and leaf away so that only the ear and husk go into the combine, improving efficiency.

When Changing Combine Heads

Different headers attach via electric and hydraulic connectors and rely on the PTO of the combine to function. Before you use a different attachment, be sure to adjust the transmission into the appropriate gear and set the sieves to the right spacing. The height of the drum, which breaks the crops and shakes away the grains, should be set high for corn and low for beans. Finally, be sure to adjust the speed of the rotor if necessary so that seeds can be collected correctly.

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