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$55,500 USD
15ft radial stacker, 24in diameter, 12-22 long
Usage480 Hours
MLS Number10054004
LocationRedding, California, US
Listed byShane Co.
$49,000 USD
Tajfun is the # 1 selling Firewood Processor in the World! Celebrating 50 years in business The RCA 480 JOY featuresa trailer mounted mobile platform, hydraulic live deck, processor, 25...
Stock NumberFP001
MLS Number9121672
LocationRickreall, Oregon, US
Listed byCC Heavy Equipment
$35,500 USD
Custom Built Firewood Processor , Heavy Duty , 36" bar will cut a 24" diameter log , 47 hp power cummins diesel , Includes an extra 47hp cummins crate motor thats...
MLS Number9749545
LocationSouth East, North Carolina, US
Listed byCarolina Used Machinery
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Firewood Processors for Cutting Firewood

A firewood processor cuts large logs and whole trees into firewood, producing up to 4 cords of firewood an hour (more than 8 tons). The wood is first loaded onto the deck using either a chain feed, an over grapple, or a sliding pressure plate loading system and hydraulically split into smaller pieces before being taken away by a conveyor belt or else dumped directly into a pile or truck below.

Whether you are selling to farmers, businesses, or the general public, you'll find quality firewood processors that can produce as many cords of firewood as your consumer base demands. You’ll be making firewood out of timber that’s up to 16 inches in diameter in no time with a commercial firewood processor found on

How to Choose a Firewood Processor

You have to choose between bar saw and circular saw firewood processors:

  • Bar Saw – Hydraulically-powered chainsaws are typically found in smaller firewood processors, which makes the unit easier to maneuver and tow. They are cheaper than circular saws, but can only handle smaller logs and trees (and operate much more slowly than circular saws, too).
  • Circular Saw – Circular saws are more expensive, but they require less maintenance and are way faster. If time is a critical factor – or if you need to cut dirty wood (dirt won’t damage the saw blade, unlike chainsaws) and whole trees – then this is the design you need.

What to Checked For When Buying a Used Firewood Processor

  • Make sure the saw bench, ram, splitting trough and conveyors are not visibly damaged or corroded.
  • Check that the teeth of the blades are not cracked or missing.
  • Check that the teeth are sharpened and set properly.
  • Check the blade packings for visible damage.
  • If you have a bar saw, make sure it’s properly lubricated and set to the correct tension.
  • Make sure the hydraulic oil of the ram is at a proper level.
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