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Forestry First LLC began as an equipment brokerage company in May, 2010.  Comprised of three partners, Paul Leas, Jesse Sewell and Brian Nielson (all three former employees of Ironmart LLC) Forestry First LLC began operations from small office in downtown Columbia, SC.  Utilizing experience from the years with Ironmart, Jesse and Brian began developing ‘broker’ relationships with sellers of forestry equipment around the world.  Paul was living in West Africa at this time working on contract for Buchanan Renewable Energies, harvesting the rubber tree plantations which supplied chips to the European biomass markets

Upon Paul’s return to the states in mid-2012 a reorganization took place and Paul assumed ownership of the business while establishing a complete ‘brick and mortar’ business at 135 Fergon Rd in Lexington, SC.  (Former Ironmart Facility).  Many experienced former co-workers joined the company, contributing to a rapid expansion of the business. An expansion aided by the winds of a generous market rebound from the recession of 2008.

Forestry First LLC is built on a foundation of trust and fair dealing.  Used equipment remarketing, by its very nature, is a challenging business.  Every piece of equipment has its own history and story to tell.  Analyzing each piece, adding refurbishment value properly, and appropriate pricing to market is essential to our success and rewarding to our employees, who work hard to provide productive machines for buyers from around the world.  Our written condition reports are a culmination of a lot of hard work to provide accurate information to future owners in assessing value in equipment added into their operation.  Consistent, accurate information is our goal and will be the standard we judge ourselves by.

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