Need Affordable Logging Equipment Financing?

Let’s get you the forestry equipment financing you need to get to work.

How does LenCo financing work? It’s simple.

  • Step 1. Apply for an equipment loan with LenCo.
  • Step 2. Our automated system will approve ideal candidates instantly, all other Applications are reviewed within 3 hours during business hours, but you may hear back in as little as 2 hours.
  • Step 3. Review rates and terms—all rates are market competitive and financing can be set for up to 72 months.
  • Step 4. Get your financing. With the right approval, Funds can be available as quickly as 24 hours from the time of application.

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Your Logging Equipment Financing, Simplified

A lack of access to funds should never slow your logging operation’s growth. To make financing forestry equipment easy and painless, LenCo has designed a streamlined pathway to the financing resources you need to thrive.

Whether you are falling the timber or hauling it to the mill, we have the equipment you need

No More Financing Run-Around

You work too hard to waste time getting the run-around from banks and other entities to obtain affordable financing to grow your business. For this reason, LenCo has teamed up with top-tier financing industry leaders to help you expand your logging equipment financing options in less time.

Credit isn’t always an easy conversation. We Understand

Credit score numbers and past financing issues don’t tell the entire story of your future. Traditional financing companies sometimes don’t understand that. Well, LenCo isn’t so “traditional.” We understand the logging industry is a seasonal business. We’re ready to help you obtain the affordable logging equipment financing you need to build a bright tomorrow.

Loan & Payment Options

  • When it comes to payments, we want to work with you to find a schedule that fits how your business works—whether that’s monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.
  • When it comes to options, LenCo can help you secure everything from logging equipment financing to leases, working capital, or SBA loans.

Who is LenCo?

With many decades of experience in the logging and forestry equipment industry, more than anything, we understand you— the logging contractor. We understand your ambition and dreams of growth as well as your challenges and hardships. And LenCo is here to help.

We’re Backed by the Best

We know that the financing option that is right for one borrower isn’t always the best option for every borrower. To help you expand your options, we’ve partnered with some of the most established commercial financing entities in the industry. Leverage our understanding of your drive, challenges, and goals in ways many larger financial players can’t or simply don’t want to.

We Want to Grow With You

We’re looking forward to being right with you on your journey to success. Consider us your source for affordable, headache-free financing, professional support, and friendly service. You can depend on us.
* Lending services are provided by LenCoFinEq, LLC, LenCo Capital, LLC, LenCo Capital’s partners or third-party financing companies. Financing terms offered will vary based on borrower credit worthiness. The individual lender may determine the criteria needed to offer financing and may, at their own discretion, opt not to approve borrowers who they, in their sole discretion, determine do not meet their financing criteria. Each lender may have different requirements. It is up to the borrower and seller to determine if they will continue with additional financing or credit verifications or credit checks.

My Little Salesman does its best to ensure that each lending provider is of the highest caliber. However, each buyer and seller must do their own due diligence to determine which financing arrangements, terms, and funding are right for them.