Selling Equipment: 5 Tips To Do It Right

Whether it be a piece of heavy equipment, a commercial truck, trailer, or just a part, your equipment's listing exists to tell potential buyers why your particular item is awesome, what details and features it has, and why they should buy it right now.

Selling Heavy Equipment Online

Selling machinery is not a daunting task but your results can vary based upon the amount of work you put into your products' listings. Whether you are looking to sell heavy equipment, machinery, commercial trucks, trailers, or parts, here are five tips to getting better results and attracting more buyers on

Tip 1: Make sure your item is categorized properly.

This seems like a no brainer right?

Always try to be specific regarding your selection of a category, manufacturer, or model. If your item is a Skidder, but you select Assorted Forestry Equipment, your item has a lesser chance of being found.

Next, new users often do not realize they can type right in the category, manufacturer and model fields when creating a new listing. Once you start typing into these fields, a list of choices will be available that match your listing best. If in doubt, just browse for pictures of items that match your inventory and match that category, manufacturer, and model.

Type in the equipment type to narrow the list
If your item is not categorized correctly, there’s a lesser chance buyers will find and view your listing.

TIP 2: Put a price on your listing.

This is equally as important as TIP 1. A price, even one too high or too low, gets people to look at your listing. No price, and people automatically assume you are asking too much and won’t even bother contacting you to negotiate.

If you don’t know how to price your item, look for similar listings on, and price your item accordingly. If you are getting views and not leads, consider lowering the price, since the price can be changed as often as you like.

Think your price is too low? Consider sticking with the price and leaving out a few addons, attachments, or normally included items, and state in the description “additional items available for purchase with this item”. Then you have the ability to negotiate with buyers to get a better price, after they have already committed to contacting you.

Tip 3: Fill out your listing completely.

The more detailed your listing is, the better.

Explain the condition of the various parts, how it runs, what attachments are available, etc.

Here are just a few of the specifications you can fill out for a commercial truck for sale:

Some truck specifications that can be filled out
Take the time to add photos, specifications, and write a comprehensive description. Use as many photos as you want and enter in a price. The more detailed and complete the listing, the better its chance that buyers and Google will like your listing, making it appear more often when people search and filter for items.

Tip 4: Respond quickly to all buyer inquiries.

Buyers are looking at all listings that meet their needs, not just yours. The faster you respond to telephone or email inquiries, the better your chances of selling first.

Even buyers outside of your local area are good options with today’s freight and transportation options. You can instantly get a quote for delivery of your inventory so you know how much the buyer is going to have to pay to ship it.

Tip 5: Attract special attention to your item by making it a “Featured Listing.”

Make your listing stand out.

At $5 per listing, per month, it is an inexpensive way to make sure your listing always stays near the top of the results and is seen before competing items for sale.

Example featured listing on
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