What is a Deckover Trailer? Your Guide to Easier Hauling

[Read or Listen] Unsure about deckover trailers? Get the pros, cons, and what to look for before you buy.

what is a deckover trailer

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Deckover Trailer: When You Need More Than a Regular Flatbed Trailer

Hank's been in the hauling business for years, and his trusty flatbed trailer has always done the trick.

But lately, the jobs have been getting bigger—wider loads, heavier equipment. Loading and unloading are becoming a hassle, maneuvering around those wheel wells is awkward, and he's even had to turn down jobs because his trailer just wasn't up to the task.

Could a deckover trailer be the answer to Hank's problems?

So, what exactly is a deckover trailer?

Let's ditch the jargon and keep it simple. It could be said deckover trailer is like a flatbed on stilts. The cargo deck sits above the wheels, giving you:

  • A wider, open platform: Perfect for oversized loads.
  • Easier loading/unloading: No more dodging those wheel wells.
  • More ground clearance: Great for rough terrain.

Why would I want a deckover trailer?


what is a deckover trailer 

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, a deckover trailer may be your new best friend:

  • Do you haul wide stuff? Think ATVs, lumber, or big equipment. Deckovers give you that extra width you may need.
  • Forklift fan? Wheel wells are a pain when using a forklift. A deckover's flat deck with no such wheel wheels makes loading much easier.
  • Hate ramps? A deckover's higher platform means a gentler ramp angle, making loading a breeze (especially with wheeled cargo).
  • Rough road warrior? Extra ground clearance lets you navigate off-road without bottoming out.

Are there downsides to a deckover trailer?

Let's be real—no trailer is perfect. Here's what to think about with deckover flatbeds.

  • Higher = Less Stable: Deckovers have a higher center of gravity than lower flatbeds, so take those turns carefully.
  • Pricey: They usually cost more than a similar-sized flatbed.
  • Limited Visibility: The higher deck might slightly obstruct your rear visibility in the truck.

What types of deckover trailers are there?

Deckovers come in a few flavors:

  • Standard Deckover: The workhorse – good for most bulky hauling needs.
  • Tilt-Deck Deckover: The deck tilts back, creating a super easy loading ramp (a lifesaver for low clearance equipment).
  • Drop-Deck Deckover: This gives you maximum height for those extra tall loads.

How do I get the best deal on a deckover trailer?

Buying a deckover is like buying a truck – do your homework:

  • Know your needs: How wide, how heavy, and what type of terrain? This narrows down your choices.
  • Used vs. New: Consider used if your budget is tight. Just make sure it's thoroughly inspected before purchasing.
  • Shop around: Get quotes from different dealerships and online market places – prices can vary.
  • Ask questions! Don't be afraid to ask questions from sellers when shopping for the right rig.

Ready to find your perfect deckover trailer?

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